Letters – Reader questions patience, good manners


Letter to the Editor:
When did it become acceptable to leave a public performance as soon as your child has finished his act? It was not done when I was growing up; nor when my sons were growing up .
Now that my grandchildren are in performances, I try to go to all that I can. My first observance of this came at my 3-year-old granddaughter”s first dance recita

This has continued through the years and I have decided to speak up.
This year at the Lockhart High School choir performance, there were only a few people left when the HS choir finished. I can almost understand why you might leave at graduation because it was two hours long.
But, folks, stop and remember how important this night was when you graduated.
I insisted that my husband wait with me until Zimmerhanzel was called. That was the name of the last graduate.
A lot of people missed this. What if your child”s name had been the last one?
Please try to have patience while performances are going on.
Billie Forester


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