Letters – Reader thanks Doggett for health care vote


To the Editor:
I want to thank Congressman Lloyd Doggett for voting in favor of the health-care reform bill. Congressman Doggett is a deeply honorable man, dedicated to his constituents’ welfare. It is not an easy thing to make decisions that affect others’ lives. His vote took courage.

As I understand it, this health-care reform legislations allows small b

usinesses (with less than 50 employees) to have more control over their health-care plans. Their employees will now have a new place to shop for insurance at a price they can afford. They will have the same access to health-care given to those working for large companies.

The new bill is not only more comprehensive and affordable, but it also holds insurance companies accountable. They are no longer allowed to deny benefits based on pre-existing conditions, gender or occupation. This health-care reform bill will also improve benefits for senior citizens (I am one) and will help lower the cost of prescriptions.

Again, my thanks to Congressman Lloyd Doggett. Millions of Americans have felt desperate concerning health-care. Hopefully, this reform legislation will give relief to us all.
Dianne Stevenson


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