Letters – Resident concerned about coyotes


Dear Editor:
At 7 a.m. recently, my husband was walking our two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels down Navidad Street and noticed a coyote trotting across on Live Oak Street. This being DST, it was already fairly bright and, presumably, people were getting ready for their morning commutes or getting the paper, cars were passing on Prairie Lea and this creature was totally

unfazed. He walked along like any other citizen would.
Carl was more surprised to see the coyote here in Lockhart city limits than we were to see the one in a plush Santa Fe, N.M., neighborhood at 5 p.m. As we surmised then, we suspect this fellow was in search of available pet food or perhaps, failing that, an unattended small family pet left outside. This is a nightmare for us to consider and we urge our neighbors to not leave edibles outside and to keep their small pets contained, if possible. Pet owners are in this together.
Caroline Thornburgh


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