Letters – Snowbirds praise library staff


Letter to the Editor:
We would like to give accolades to Lockhart”s Dr. Eugene Clark Public Library.
We are “snowbirds,” who have lived winters in Lockhart for the past three years. This year we decided to join the 21st century and purchased our first computer. We were at a loss to know how to use such a contraption.
We inquired at the library to see if the

y might be able to help us.
What friendly, helpful, patient people!
The name of the woman is unknown, but she and a young man whose name is Mark were so willing to help and used their valuable time to assist us in every way. How knowledgeable they are! We returned a second time, and once again Mark helped.
These folks helped in every way.
If you are one who does not utilize the library, you are urged to do so. You will be so glad you did.
Your library is such an excellent one and the people who work there make it even better!
Thank you, library employees and volunteers!
Richard and Lavada Parrish


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