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Letter to the Editor:
As I think about the actions of the school board on Dec. 20, 2007, I am extremely disappointed, upset and confused, as are many of my colleagues. I feel the need to share some facts about how Susan Brooks has impacted my students.
I have been a teacher at Lockhart Junior High for 19 years in the LIFE class. I have worked for four different p

rincipals and I have to say Susan Brooks has had the highest expectations for our students and our teachers. I have worked in situations where the principal did not want my students on campus, the principal was passive about my students and did not expect them to accomplish much, or did not take the time to know anything about my students, but this certainty was not the case with Susan Brooks.
She has been an avid supporter of the LIFE class students for her entire time at LJHS. She treated them with the same respect that she would any student on our campus. She has been supportive and concerned for all students – from the smartest to the most challenged.
Many times, I heard her say, “It”s all about the kids,” and I know, by her actions, she meant it. She told teachers she would do her best to accommodate their needs, but when it came to making decisions, the decisions would always be based on “what is best for our students.”
I do not know or understand what took place prior to the meeting that led to the board”s decision, but I do know Susan Brooks has been an awesome leader for the teachers and students of LJHS for the time she has been there. I want to personally thank her for all she has done for our students and school.
Because of how this has been handled, many people that do not have daily contact with our campus will not know the full extent of the positive impact she has had.
In the coming weeks, all the good she has done will most likely get lost in the rumors and drama this type of event creates. I want it to be said that she has been the driving force for the success of all of our students.
If not for her persistent pursuit of excellence, I feel we would not currently be a National Blue Ribbon school. She has been a tough leader, but her heart has always been for the students. No matter what you think of her personally or what you think she did wrong, the results of our students” accomplishments are greatly due to her leadership as principal at LJHS, and you can”t take that away from her.
I am grateful she had the opportunity to share our student successes in Washington, D.C., in November. My hope from this point forward is the people of this community will not let the rumors, misunderstandings and situations that have occurred recently be what she is remembered for.
She deserves better.
Susan Schroeder
LIFE Class Teacher
Lockhart Junior High

Dear Editor:
I have just finished reading the Dec. 27 article regarding LISD releasing Susan Brooks and Theresa Ramirez. I was at the meeting and witnessed the behavior of the board, as well as the audience (which was made up of several teachers). I have never met Jeanne Schaefer, a parent whom you quoted as saying, “I couldn”t believe the things I saw and heard from those teachers. I think it was really unethical for the teachers to be screaming, cursing at the board like that-in front of their students. That”s not the kind of example they should be trying to set.”
I did not hear any cursing or unethical comments. These teachers that attended are also taxpayers and parents. We are certainly allowed to express our disfavor over the actions of this school board. The school board is elected to make policy. This board has a long history of micro-managing every aspect of the district.
Only one member has been seen in a classroom in the last decade – and he was the biggest disappointment to me personally throughout this entire lynching process. I hope the new superintendent has a strong backbone because it”s going to take someone with gumption to stand up to this board and explain what their job is – and isn”t.
I said it at the board meeting that night and I”ll repeat it again: “Don”t come to the junior high to shake hands with anyone. Nobody wants to shake your hand.”
One more thing…just how are we going to be able to celebrate the National Blue Ribbon Award on Jan. 14 without the person who is most responsible-Susan Brooks?
LeEster Burch
Lockhart Junior High


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