Lions’ Lair – “Prom Time”


Prom is delightedly one of the biggest events to be experienced during the school year. Many people wait in anticipation of this particular formal event as it draws closer this year. Intricate preparations for prom night have been going on for some time now. Like many things, tastes vary in how to deck out the night. On a personal level some prefer to lay low in the light of

such a flamboyant event, while others find it to be a wonderful opportunity to flaunt everything they”ve got. Whichever way one chooses to swing, it can be said that nothing is held back when it comes to putting on this special affair.
This year, the juniors and seniors of Lockhart high school will be gathering together once again to partake in the festivities of this great end-of-the-year party. Everyone has a favorite part to play when getting ready for this special night. The ladies, after time-consuming searches for the perfect dress, adorn their bodies with a combination of rich colors and impressive style. The gentlemen, having arranged an engaging night, fall politely into the role of escort, and boldly let loose an air of amusement into the awaiting night. Couples make gentle plans to quietly dine before going to the dance, and large groups of kids make special arrangements to accommodate their boisterous nature. Finally all these groups will converge at the Hilton to dance the night away and celebrate a taste of freedom that only grows richer with the music that envelops this custom for high school students. Prom is truly a mark in time for many people to remember and has proved itself to be a magnificent tradition to be carried on throughout the years. Special thanks to the juniors who are heading up this marvelous event, and best wishes to all who attend this brilliant affair.


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