LISD seeks additional Letters of Intent


The Lockhart Independent School District (LISD) Board of Trustees is accepting letters of interest to fill the District At-Large trustee position. Interested individuals who have not previously filed a letter of interest should now submit a letter of interest.

In addition to providing full name and current street address on their letters of interest, interested parties must

answer the following questions:

1)  What has been your involvement with the public school system?

2) How long have you lived in the Lockhart ISD?

3) What special qualifications and experience do you have, including Board or committee experience?

4) What is your interest in serving in the at-large position?

5) After reviewing the District Goals, how would you prioritize them? Which goal would you delete, if any, and what goal would you create to take its place?

Individuals who previously submitted letters of interest should submit a letter of affirmation to confirm their continued interest in appointment as a district at-large trustee. Letters of affirmation need to provide full name and current street address.

Letters of interest, as well as letters of affirmation, should be addressed to Timoteo “Tim” Juarez, Jr., President of the Board of Trustees, and hand-delivered to the Lockhart Independent School District Central Office building by 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2012.

(Courtesy of Darla Damron)


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