LISD Teacher of the Week


Name and grade you teach: Reyna Guevara, first-grade bilingual

What subjects do you teach? All subjects

Hometown: El Salvador

Where did you graduate and with what degree(s)? I graduated from Texas State University with a degree in Bilingual/Biliteracy Education.

Favorite thing(s) about teaching at Lockhart ISD: My favorite things about teaching at Lockhart ISD would be getting to know my students and their families.

How would your friends describe you? My friends would say that I am dedicated to my students. 

What values are most important to you? Gratitude, creativity, humanity, compassion and kindness. 

Talents: Painting 

Favorite music: Latin, pop, and country

Hobbies: Painting, gardening, rescuing/fostering cats

What brings you hope? My students and nature.

Family: 2 cats (Luna and Estrella) 


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