LISD to appeal UIL map


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Balancing education and extracurricular activities is a tight rope the community has asked children to walk for years. Sometimes, as adults, we must remember that we have to offer them a net.

In an effort to protect Lockhart students from the loss of instructional tim

e through an oppressive travel schedule, Lockhart ISD officials have chosen to appeal the recent decision of the University Interscholastic League placing Lockhart in the expansive District 26-5A.

Lockhart ISD Superintendent Susan K. Bohn announced this week that the district has chosen to appeal the recently drawn UIL realignment and request entrance into District 25-5A, a move that would cut travel time in half for Lockhart students.

“We know a lot of work goes into the realignment process and it is a difficult process,” she said. “But, we also know the realignment process is not a flawless process; therefore Lockhart High School will utilize the appeal process made available to all schools.

Prior to beginning the appeal process, UIL rules allow for a school district to be moved from one alignment to another based on a unanimous vote of all other schools involved. That vote did not go in Lockhart’s favor, and therefore LISD chose the appeal option.

UIL District 25-5A includes exclusively Austin ISD schools, and presently contains only seven schools. The total travel for Lockhart students, if allowed to enter that district, would be 519 round trip miles.

The currently drawn UIL District 26-5A, which includes Marble Falls, Dripping Springs, Boerne and Kerrville, promises Lockhart students more than 1,000 round-trip miles per sports season.

“I do not envy UIL officials in having to draw competition districts every two years,” Lockhart ISD Athletic Director Sheila Henderson said. “It is a difficult process and it is impossible to make everyone happy. However, because the extensive travel that will be required if we compete in District 26-5A will require Lockhart students to miss a significant amount of instructional time, we have decided that we must appeal our district placement through the UIL’s process.”

Henderson said the decision was influenced solely by the proximity of the Austin district.

Bohn added the interest in Lockhart students’ well-being as the deciding factor.

“The demands of balancing academic studies with extra-curricular activities are daunting at best, but our students will continue to work hard to meet their obligations no matter the outcome,” she said. “However, the students of Lockhart ISD deserve the best opportunity available to achieve and succeed in school.”

Lockhart was initially grouped with Hill Country schools in 2012. At that time, LISD chose to engage the appeal process in hopes of being grouped with AISD schools, and the appeal was denied.

Results of the appeal process should be available by Feb. 18. Follow the Post-Register online at for updates as they become available.



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