LJHS Ladies challenge San Marcos


The Lady Lions’ 8th grade “A” team hosted San Marcos Goodnight on Thursday, Jan. 20, for a high-scoring victory, 48-36.
“I am more proud of the way they played than the final score,” Coach Stephanie Roberts said.
Offensively, Lockhart grabbed rebounds and returned the missed shots with ease.
Contributing to the high score were Lady Lio

ns’ Jannah Platt with two points and two rebounds, Karoline Pfefferkorn with three points and four rebounds, Sydney Porter with four points and a rebound, Jordan Latus with 17 points and four rebounds, Chelsy Martinez with 13 points, and Victoria Aguilar with nine points.
On the defensive end, Lockhart totaled 21 rebounds with Gabbie Cox grabbing one, Platt grabbing one, Ashley Moore pulling down one, Pfefferkorn pulling down two, Latus rebounding 10, Martinez grabbing one, and Aguilar rebounding five.
The Lady Lions were hot on their feet forcing 14 turnovers with steals from Porter, Latus, Martinez and Aguilar.
“This was the best game these guys have played,” Coach Roberts said. “In fact, this was the best game played at LJHS in years.
“The Lady Lions played their hearts out and played from their hearts. I don’t stress winning games; I only stress playing your best. Every movement made needs to be the best she can give, offensively and defensively. If each player plays her best and knows it, then winning and success will take care of itself.”

The 8th grade Lady Lion “B” team avenged an early season 23-25 loss to the Goodnight Lady Diamondbacks by beating them 37-19 Thursday, Jan. 20.
Again, like the previous week, the Lady Lions started slow, managing only a 14-10 halftime lead.
In the final two quarters, the Lady Lions caught fire. They started the third period with a quick 6-point run, led by a three-point play by Vanessa Gonzales.
Lockhart continued their strong surge into the final period, led by Youlee Merida with six points in the quarter.
Another strong performer was Britney Johnson, who played excellent defense throughout the game. Also, Shelby Henrichs played a solid overall game, finishing with six points and dishing out several assists.
Vanessa Gonzales finished the game with 11 points, three steals, and two assists. Heather Domel also chipped in six points.
“The girls are playing well, and are on a current five game winning streak,” Coach LeAnn Sibley said.
The Lady Lions travel to Dahlstrom on Thursday, Jan. 27, hoping to take revenge on the Lady Mustangs, who beat them 22-23 back in early December.

The Lockhart Lady Lions’ 7th grade “A” basketball team hosted the Lady Diamondbacks of San Marcos Goodnight on Thursday, Jan. 20.
The Lady Lions were hungry for a win against the Lady Diamondbacks, and showed how eager they were to prove this fact in the first quarter.
The Lions jumped on the Diamondbacks 8-6. However, in the second quarter the Diamondbacks toughen up their defense, and took a 13-10 lead into halftime.
The third quarter started much like the first, the Lions playing good defense and scoring points. The Lady Diamondbacks responded with a four-point run giving them a 21-19 lead to end the quarter.
In the fourth quarter, the Lady Lions and Lady Diamondbacks traded buckets. The Lions put on a full court press causing two turnovers in the closing seconds, but couldn’t convert on the offensive end.
With 3.8 seconds to go and down by 2, Brandy Stacks stole the ball and Coach Arthur Latus called time-out with one second on the clock. Coach Latus drew up the play to get the ball inside to Jamie Schulle. Stacks inbounded the ball, and the other girls set screens for the offensive play. Schulle rolled to the basket, and Stacks hit her on the move for a two-pointer. The shot attempt failed, and it was a tough loss for the girls.
“I am very proud of the girls’ composure and heart,” Coach Latus said. “Remember stay strong and play hard.”

The 7th grade Lady Lion “B” basketball team continued their winning streak Thursday night defeating Goodnight Middle School 17-10.
The Lady Lions looked a bit rusty leaving the first half of play with only a two-point lead, 8-6.
In the second half, the Lions scored six points in the third and three points in the fourth quarter. The Goodnight Rattlers did lead for a short time in the third quarter, but the Lady Lions fought hard and battled to the end.
Scoring for Lockhart were Andrea McKinney with six points, Audrey Valdez and Kelsey Daily with four points, Brittany Joseph with two points, and Kaela Amirkabirian with a free throw.
The Lady Lions’ 7th grade “B” team is now 6-1 in district and 8-1 overall. The Lady Lions travel to Buda Thursday, Jan. 26, to take on Dahlstrom Middle School.


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