Lockhart cottonseed comes up roses in Pasadena


By Miles Smith

It’s not every day you see cottonseed from Lockhart come up roses, but that’s what happened on New Year’s Day in Pasadena, California.
Lockhart farmer Rudy Schroeder sent in a half pound of cottonseed that was used on the Ag PhD Salute to Farmers float that was featured in Monday’s Rose Bowl parade.
“I was listening to a TV and radio program called AgPhD on RFD-TV, and they were calling for seeds to decorate the float,” Schroeder said. “They wanted seed from every state in the country, so we boxed up some seed and sent it their way.”
The Salute to Farmers float was designed by Ag PhD host Brian Hefty and his brother, Darren. The float was decorated with seeds from all 50 states and flowers, and had 100 farmers riding on it to “symbolize American agriculture and allow parade viewers to put faces with those who grow their food,” according to the RFD-TV website.
Schroeder was happy to get involved when he heard the call for seeds.
“I’m a farmer, and that’s what I’m interested in,” he chuckled.
As an added bonus, the float won an award: “Most Outstanding Display of Floral Presentation.”
Schroeder and his wife, Ann, were in Pasadena over the long weekend for the festivities. The couple traveled with a tour group and enjoyed the sunny weather and sightseeing.
“We had a really nice time,” Schroeder said.


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