Lockhart dominated powerlifting meet


The Lockhart High School boys and girls varsity powerlifting teams competed in the Hays Rebel Powerlifting meet on Saturday Jan. 22.
The boys finished in 2nd place with 29 points. The girls finished in 4th place with 15 points.
Travis Grogan won “Best Lifter” on the heavy platform for the Lions. Ryan Lockhart and Grogan both lifted 500 pounds on squat as wel

l as lifting over 500 pounds on the deadlift. Grogan lifted 580 pounds while Lockhart lifted 520 pounds.
Gabriel Amaya deadlifted 380 pounds in the 132-weight division.
For the Lady Lions, Elizabeth Ellis ended the meet with a fantastic deadlift of 285 pounds.
Coach Brock and Coach Parker were very excited how the Lion lifters competed in the meet.
“Every lifter worked hard and showed great sportsmanship,” said Coach Brock.
The Lockhart boys’ junior varsity powerlifting team will compete in the Navarro Powerlifitng Meet at Geronimo High School on Jan. 29th.


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