Lockhart man appears on DPS Most Wanted List


By LPR Staff

A Lockhart man was named this week among Texas’ most wanted fugitives.

Jorge Vasquez, 39, was included in the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Ten Most Wanted List released on Tuesday. Vasquez, whose last known address is on Silent Valley Road in Lockhart, was indicted recently in Caldwell County for Sexual Assau

lt of a Child.

His criminal career, according to DPS, is extensive, and includes not only the recent Caldwell County charge, but also charges of Driving While Intoxicated, Burglary of a Habitation and Homicide.

In August 1986, Vasquez and two associates were involved in a fight with a male victim. During the altercation, one of Vasquez’s associates allegedly hit the victim twice in the head with a crowbar. The trio then drove the victim’s body to a desolate area, poured gasoline over him, set him on fire and fled on foot.

Caldwell County District Attorney Trey Hicks could not immediately find a record of the crime, but believes it was not a Caldwell County criminal case.
DPS said that Vasquez was out of prison and on parole for the homicide when he was indicted for Sexual Assault of a Child in Caldwell County. After learning of the indictment, Vasquez was said to have cut off the tracking device he was required to wear as a condition of his parole, and fled.

Vasquez has a variety of identifying marks, including scars on his nose, chin and right forearm, and several tattoos on his right and left arms, right calf and his face.

Vasquez should be considered armed and extremely dangerous, and should not be approached by civilians hoping to bring him to justice. Instead, anyone with information on his whereabouts is encouraged to contact local authorities immediately.


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