Lockhart Police enhances traffic enforcement with new speed trailer


City of Lockhart

Drivers will soon notice a new device along some of Lockhart’s city streets. The Lockhart Police Department purchased a state-of-the-art speed trailer as part of its ongoing efforts to enhance road safety. This new addition to our law enforcement resources will play a pivotal role in promoting safer driving habits and reducing speeding incidents in the city.

“The safety of our community is of the utmost importance to us,” Lockhart Police Chief Gary Williamson said. “This speed trailer will not only help raise awareness about the importance of responsible driving, but also in improving overall safety.”

The new speed trailer is equipped with its assigned roadway’s speed limit sign, real-time speed LED display to encourage drivers to stay within safe speed limits, and data collection capabilities, which collects analytical data that includes average speed and traffic activity at any time of day. However, it does not automatically issue citations.


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