Lockhart Powerlifting brings home trophies


The varsity boys and girls powerlifting teams competed in the Dripping Sprins Powerlifitng Meet on Saturday, Feb. 5. Both the girls and boys finished in third place.


name wi. Class total place

Laura Villareal 114 530 1st
Kourtney Murphy 105 — 6th
Chelsea Brann1ng 132 390 3rd
Courtney Lee 132 — 6th

Castillo 105 480 3rd
Anabeth Gonzales 198 505 6th
Brittany Nauman 198 680 3rd
Elizabeth Ellis 198 715 2nd


name wi. Class total place

Gabriel Amaya 132 940 3rd
Travis Schaefer 132 680 7th
Curls Clay 148 775 12th
Mark Shelton 165 1180 3rd
Travis Grogan 181 1375 1st
Justin Schaefer 181 920 10th
Ryan Lockhart 198 1325 1st
David Powers 198 1180 4th
Neto Madrigal 198 1145 5th
Bronson Franks 242 1215 4th
Justin Winegarner SHW 1310 3rd

This was the first team trophy the girls have brought home this year. Elizabeth Ellis went 300 pounds on deadlift.
The boys have been in the top three in all three varsity meets this year.
Five Lion lifters have gone 500 pounds or more on deadlift this year. They are Travis Grogan, Ryan Lockhart, David Powers, Bronson Franks, and Justin Winegarner.
Travis Grogan reached 600 pounds on deadlift at the meet Saturday.
“These were all great accomplishments,” said Coach Brock. “Coach parker and I are very proud of all the lifters for their hard work and continued efforts this season.”
The varsity boys and girls will lift on Friday, Feb. 18, at the New Braunfels Canyon Powerlifting Meet.


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