Longtime City Planner to retire; new City Planner appointed


City of Lockhart

After 25 years shaping Lockhart’s physical development, City Planner Dan Gibson is retiring Jan. 20, 2023.

 “The position has allowed me to meet so many people from all walks of life in the community — citizens, business owners, builders and developers, real estate professionals, engineers, architects, Planning and Zoning Commission members, and City Council,” Gibson said. “The supportive City management and the wonderful coworkers at all levels have been a real pleasure to work with.”

Gibson was hired as Lockhart’s first-ever City Planner in 1997. Every year since, he witnessed and facilitated the city’s growth by adopting a new comprehensive plan, impact fees, driveway access ordinance, nonresidential appearance standards, historical preservation, and the revision of land development codes. Gibson was instrumental in doubling the city’s geographic area through numerous annexations throughout his tenure.

“The best part of this experience has been to be in a position of molding the future of Lockhart,” Gibson said. “The growth of the city certainly gives the Planning Department plenty to do, but fortunately we had the foresight to prepare for it.”

Upon Gibson’s retirement in January, one of the Lockhart’s Senior Planners, David Fowler, will succeed him.

 “The City Planning Director position is one of the more critical ones in the City,” Lockhart City Manager Steve Lewis said. “The Planning Director serves as the public face of the Planning Department and is a key part of the strategic management of the City.”

As Planning Director, Fowler will be responsible for implementing all aspects associated with land planning and development projects.

“David’s ability to pick up and continue existing projects, as well as work with members of the community with new projects, draws on his years of experience doing this work in other communities,” Lewis said.

Prior to joining the City of Lockhart, Fowler’s recent experience includes, Senior Planner for the Cities of Buda and Round Rock, and City Planner for Mont Belvieu, Texas. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Rochester and earned his Master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Virginia Tech University. Fowler is also a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP).

“I’m excited to see where David takes the department and how we promote our distinctive community with a strong sense of place and community spirit,” Lewis said.

“This is an incredible opportunity to apply the analytical, technical, and leadership skills I have acquired during my over 20 years of planning and city government experience in an extremely desirable, culturally rich, and fast-growing community,” Fowler said. “I am grateful to Dan Gibson for his experience, guidance and leadership over the past 25 years; all of which have been crucial preparing Lockhart for the future.”


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