LTX Titans Win Again, 2-0


The LTX Titans traveled to San Antonio and defeated the San Antonio Predators with a score of 28-0.
The Titans took the opening kick off and drove it for 65 yards scoring the first touchdown.
Ryan Reed ran the final 24 yards for the touchdown behind great offensive line blocking from Zachary Garza, Clayton Barnett, Brandon Davis, Justin Luna, Aron Moncevaiz, A.J.

Rangel and Jordon Huckaby. Kenneth Romo added the extra 2 points.
The Titans” defense played by Adam Galvan, Daquan Lewis, Brandon Ramirez, Chris
Jackson, Kai Brewer, Edwardo Hernandez, Nathan Guerrero, Daniel Hill, Brandon McNabb, “Georgie”, Elliot Silva, and Cameron Davis.
The Titans” defense held the Predators to just three first downs the entire game.
Through out the game offense, led by quarterback Brandon Ramirez, continued to score with touchdowns made by Darious Hill, and the extra two points by Edwardo Hernandez.
Defensive player Savon Thompson made an interception and ran for a 30-yard touchdown with Kenneth Romo scoring the final touchdown on a 6-yard run.


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