Man, dog shot in weekend burglary


By LPR Staff

A pair of drug seekers are at large in the community this week after shooting a man and killing his dog during a pre-dawn home invasion on Saturday.

Caldwell County Sheriff Daniel Law announced on Monday that a gunshot victim was found walking along Highway 142 near Maxwell at around 4:25 a.m. on Saturday. When he was a

pproached by deputies, the victim, identified as Julio Sanchez, 35, of Maxwell, said he was seeking help after two men broke into his house, shot his dog and demanded he hand over drugs – which Sanchez said he did not have.

After reporting the burglary, Sanchez was transported to Brackenridge Hospital for treatment of his injuries.

In an interview with detectives, Sanchez said he was asleep when two men kicked in his front door, tied his hands together with plastic ties and demanded to know where his cocaine was. When he said he did not have any cocaine, the assailants shot his pet pit bull dog.

They demanded again to know where the drugs were. When Sanchez again denied having any drugs, they shot him in the left knee, and then searched his home. When they did not find any cocaine, the two suspects took Sanchez”s wallet, keys, cell phone and truck.

Sanchez was able to find a pair of pliers to free his hands, and walked to a neighbor”s house seeking help. When he did not get an answer at the neighbors” door, he walked to Highway 142, where he was finally seen by Caldwell County Sheriffs” deputies.

Sanchez said he was unable to identify the two suspects, and Law did not provide a description of the suspects. Detectives are conducting an extensive investigation, and encourage anyone with information about the incident to contact the Caldwell County Sheriff”s Department at (512) 398-6777.


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