One dead after Friday standoff


By LPR Staff



A Lockhart man is dead and a Caldwell County Sheriff’s Deputy is under investigation after a report on a home invasion turned deadly in the early hours of Friday morning.

Jesus “Chuy” Juarez, 65, of Lockhart, was shot three times, sustaining fatal injuries in the clash, which Caldwell County

District Attorney Fred Weber said began when the residents at 1014 S. Main St. made a report that an unknown man had broken out the windows and storm door of the residents, making threats against those inside while doing so.

As both of Lockhart’s patrol officers were occupied with other calls, dispatch contacted the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Department for assistance. Deputies responding to the scene discovered that the alleged perpetrator had left the immediate area, and at that time began a search for the suspect.

Some time later, the homeowner flagged the deputies down and reported the suspect had returned to the scene. At that time, the deputy, whose name has been withheld by the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Department for the time being, observed the suspect holding a gardening implement known as a “yo-yo,” a long-handled, bladed weed cutter.

The deputy drew his weapon, Weber said, and ordered the suspect, later identified as Juarez, to drop the yo-yo. Upon each order to drop the weapon, Juarez was reported to refuse, advancing toward the deputy and eventually raising the yo-yo to shoulder-level in a threatening manner.

At that time, the deputy, who was not armed with pepper spray, opted to fire three shots at Juarez. Though EMS was dispatched to the scene, they were unable to preserve his life.

The deputy, a three-year veteran of the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Department, was placed on paid administrative leave pending investigation of the incident. The Sheriff’s Department immediately contacted the Texas Rangers, who are handling the investigation.

“It is standard procedure, any time there is an incident involving an officer, that the officer is placed immediately on paid administrative leave, pending the outcome of the investigation,” Caldwell County Sheriff Daniel C. Law said. “If the investigation turns out to be something outside of policy or procedure, that officer could then be placed on an unpaid administrative leave.”

Law did not speculate about the outcome of the Rangers’ investigation, noting it is still under way and additional information still has to be collected from witnesses and medical professionals.

Family members of Juarez took to social media as early as Friday evening, reporting his status as a mentally disabled, gentle person who had no history of violence or a criminal record. Those reports, as well as his prior history of mental health issues and toxicology tests will be taken into account, Weber said, as the investigation moves forward.

Weber also noted the entirety of the incident was recorded by a camera mounted in a patrol car. That video, he said, is in the possession of the Texas Rangers as they complete their investigation, but is expected to be released to the public at a later time. Additionally, he said, as is standard procedure with an officer-involved shooting, the case will be presented to the Caldwell County Grand Jury, once the investigation is complete.

“It is the intention of law enforcement to be as transparent as possible during the course of this investigation while maintaining its integrity,” Weber said. “Further updates will be provided as additional facts are learned.”

The Post-Register will continue to cover this tragic story and provide new details and information as they become available.



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