One-thousand letters to the White House


By Amber Williams
Guest columnist

Hello, I’m Amber. I’m an eighteen year old high school student from Texas on a mission to take one thousand polite letters to the White House. Why am I doing this?
For several years I’ve been hearing people (especially my age) spout off negative insults toward the president without any knowledge to back their claims. I thought this was wrong but I was intimidated to speak up, I felt like I couldn’t use my voice… until one day my dad said, “why don’t you write him a letter and set an example?” So I did. I spent many weeks working on it, reading different reports and asking other people about their opinions just so I had something knowledgeable to say.
After I wrote my letter I felt great, and I also found out that only about one in a thousand people write a letter to the president. That means writing my letter was like speaking for one thousand voices with something nice to say. Then I thought, if I could take a thousand letters to the White House that would be speaking for one million voices. And that’s my goal, to find as many other young people as I can to help me change the negative voice to a positive one.
Along the way, we’re learning to find information from many different perspectives and develop our own opinions based on solid facts. We’re also learning that we don’t have to agree with everything our leaders say but we’re going to have much more success being herd if we communicate in a respectful, polite, positive way.
So please tell a friend, send me your letter and help me find other young people who want their voice to be heard too.
You can see all the letters at
You can send your letter to me: Amber Williams P.O.Box 163882 Austin, Tx 78716, or via email at
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