Original Black’s BBQ Teacher of the Week


Name and grade you teach and at which school: Andrea Fernandez De La Garza. Kindergarten teacher at Alma Brewer Strawn Elementary School.

What subjects do you teach: Reading, Math, Science/Social Studies

Hometown: Born in Monterrey, Mexico; graduated high school in Katy

Where did you graduate? “Texas State University where I had the pleasure of studying with Dr. Murillo and Dr. Smith. They, and other professors at the university, taught me about the importance of our job as bilingual teachers.”

Favorite thing(s) about teaching at Lockhart ISD: “Being able to meet the families and community. I have met so many students and their families in just the short time I have been here.”

How would your friends describe you? “My family and friends would describe me as being very energetic. I think anyone at the school would say so as well.”

Favorite books: “I love implementing reading in all subjects. Currently, one of my favorite authors is Yuyi Morales and I also love John Parra as an illustrator.”

Hobbies: “I love dancing and singing with my students. I love being active in sports, and that is why my hobbies include running, biking, speed skating, and swimming.”


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