Penalties to accrue for unpaid taxes


By LPR Staff

Under state law, the deadline is approaching for Caldwell County property owners to pay their 2009 property taxes without penalties.

According to Steve Bird, a partner with the Caldwell County Appraisal District”s tax collection firm, taxes paid after Jan. 31 in any given year are generally considered delinquent, and ar

e subject to additional penalties and fees. However, because Jan. 31 falls on a weekend this year, Bird said taxpayers have a little extra time.

“You will have until the next business day to submit payment without it being considered delinquent,” he said. “In this situation, the “next business day” is Monday, Feb. 1.”

Therefore, he said, taxpayers who drop off or mail payments postmarked on or before Monday, Feb. 1, will be considered to have timely paid their taxes.

“If you have been waiting to pay your local property taxes, be sure to watch your calendar carefully,” he said. “Once the delinquency date passes, there is no getting out of paying the additional penalties and interest that will be assessed against the original tax.”

Bird also reminded taxpayers who fail to pay their taxes are also subject to having their names published in upcoming editions of the newspaper.

“We want to give everyone who still owes taxes a chance to get them paid before we start publishing the names again,” he said. “These next few weeks are a real window of opportunity for property owners who still have a balance due. Please take care of this by either paying your taxes in full or by setting up an agreement that will get you caught up.”

Taxpayers can contact the Caldwell County Appraisal District at (512) 398-5550 or submit payment to the Appraisal District at PO Box 900, Lockhart, Texas, 78644 or by visiting the office at 610 San Jacinto St. in Lockhart.


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