Public Notices Dec 5 2019


Application has been made with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission for a Mixed Beverage Late Hours Permit, Food and Beverage Certificate and Mixed Beverage Restaurant Permit with FB by Venture Bros. LLC to be located at 118 S. Commerce St., Lockhart, Caldwell County, Texas. Officers of said corporation are Matthew A. Cisneros, President

Pursuant to Chapter 13.2502 of the Texas Water Code, Martindale Water Supply Corporation hereby gives notice that any person who subdivides land by dividing any lot, tract, or parcel of land, within the service of the Martindale Water Supply Corporation, Certificate of Convenience and Necessity No. 10312, in Caldwell and Guadalupe Counties, into two or more lots or sites for the purpose of sale or development, whether immediate or future, including re-subdivision of land for which a plat has been filed and recorded or requests more than two water service connections on a single contiguous tract of land must comply with Subdivision Service section (the “Subdivision Policy”) contained in the Martindale Water Supply Corporation’s Tariff.
Martindale Water Supply Corporation is not required to extend retail water service to a service applicant in a subdivision where the developer of the subdivision has failed to comply with the Subdivision Policy.
Applicant elements of the Subdivision Policy include:
Evaluation by the Martindale Water Supply Corporation of the impact a proposed subdivision service extension will make on the Martindale Water supply Corporation’s water supply system and payment of the costs for the evaluation;
Payment of reasonable costs or fees by the developer for providing water supply service capacity;

Payment for any upsizing of water mains between water supply entry locations to points of service for each connection, eliminating dead-end mains and extending water supply mains to the entire road frontage of the property owned by the developer; size of the distribution system is 6-inch or larger that may be determined by the system water modeling program.

Payment of a Capital Recovery Fee (Capital Improvement Fee multiplied by the number of lots/connections to be served);

Payment of fees for reserving and purchase of raw water and water supply capacity; Payment of fees for reserving water supply capacity;

Forfeiture of reserved water supply service capacity for failure to pay applicable fees;

Payment of costs of any improvements to the Martindale Water Supply Corporation’s system that are necessary to provide the water service:

Construction according to design approved by the Martindale Water Supply Corporation and dedication by the developer by bill of sale of water facilities within the subdivision following inspection.
The Martindale Water Supply Corporation’s Tariff and a map showing the Martindale Water Supply Corporation’s service area may be reviewed at the MWSC’s office at 206 Main St., Martindale, Texas. or on Martindale WSC’s website at The tariff and service area map are also filed as record at the Public Utility Commission of Texas and may be reviewed by contacting the PUC, 1701 N. Congress Ave., P.O. Box 13326, Austin, Texas 78711.

Pursuant to the provisions set forth in Chapter 59 of the Texas Property Code, Fogle Store and Lock will hold a public auction of property being sold to satisfy a landlord’s lien. Bids will be made for the contents of the entire unit only. Property will be sold to the highest bidder for cash only, and the highest bidder must place his lock on the unit door and take possession of the property immediately. Fogle Store and Lock shall reserve the right to reject any bids.

Date: Wednesday, December 1, 2019
Time: 2:30 PM
Location: 1000 State Park Road, Lockhart, Texas 78644

Names: Eli Smith, Valaria Dimas, Jessica Gutierrez, Cynthia Alex, Molly Young, Lauren Castillo, Carolina Acosta, Maria Guerrero, Christina Avila

Contests: Bicycles, Mattresses, TV’s, Clothes, Appliances, Furniture, Tools, Household Decorator Items, Boxes, and Misc. Items.


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