Reader urges voters to get ‘back to basics’


To the Editor:

We already have a welfare system in place. I do not disagree with giving to those that have less. I am against having the government do it for me. We only cripple those who are not willing to help themselves and wait for the government to do it for them. We all have the same opportunity to make our lives better. It takes longer for some than others. Not

everyone on welfare is that way. I am talking mainly about those that abuse the system.

It is not the only way to peace.

Jesus is.

We, people of God/children of God, along with the rest of the country need to start voting for persons that have God first. When we have a country that its government is lead by persons seeking God’s counsel in everything it does…this is the way to peace. The Bible tells us exactly how to live together peacefully and with only Ten Commandments. We have complicated things by adding more of our own rules and regulations and not sticking to what God has said.

I know that everyone on my email list is very informed all I’m doing is giving them more to look at from different discussion forums that have been passed on to me.

I know how both sides have used dirty tactics. That’s what these parties continue election year after election year and I’m tired of it.

I want some one that is transparent and forthcoming. The actions that I have seen cast doubt and suspicion. I can get that from watching a movie or a book.
We all want the truth. We all want peace and happiness and until we start to vote for people with a heart after God we will not see that. We need to get back to the Basics of God.
Victor Cabrera


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