Reynaldo Rojas


Reynaldo Rojas, of Los Angeles, Calif., was called to Heaven on Oct. 27, 2016.  He was born in Lockhart, Texas, on Sept. 16, 1940.  He is preceded in death by his parents, Gumecindo and Juanita Rojas; brothers, Oscar Rojas and Carlos Rojas, of Lockhart; and sister, Olga Castillo, of Salinas, Calif.
He is survived by his brother, Gumecindo Rojas, Jr., and nephew, Severo Casti

llo, both of Lockhart and many nephews and nieces.
He enjoyed life to the fullest.  As a young boy he is remembered as a good cook.  When traveling to Florida, Alabama and various Texas towns as a migrant farm worker, he was looked upon by his group to prepare meals, which he did without question.  At the young age of seventeen, he and a cousin hitchhiked to Florida, taking advantage of the citrus farms to save money on food.  While there he worked on a variety of farms, harvesting a various fruits and vegetables.
A short time later he migrated to Los Angeles, Calif., where he lived most of his adult life and found work in local factories and shortly secured a job in a local orthopedic hospital where he worked for the next thirty years.
He lived in downtown LA and relied on public transpiration but primarily walked to work and everywhere else he desired to go; good luck keeping up with him.  He had a reputation amongst family and friends for being a generous man.   His annual trips home to Lockhart to visit his mom and dad on the Greyhound Bus (he was afraid to fly) were a joy to all.  He would bring gifts for all his nieces and nephews.
Friends in his LA neighborhood witnessed his generosity, as he was always eager to help the homeless and less fortunate.  Though he did not own a pet, he was known to go out of his way to feed a stray cat or dog.  One friend was quoted saying “Reynaldo would give you the shirt off his back.”
Christmas was his favorite holiday and he enjoyed filling his home with decorations.  It was his custom to give you something out of his home if you visited him.   Anything is replaceable he would say.  He loved Lockhart barbecue sausage and local pecans, so every year this was his Christmas.
He managed to stay positive as he battled diabetes and heart disease later in life.  He found solace in his favorite Catholic Church, St. Vincent de Paul, a few blocks away from home.
He loved his parents.  Reynaldo was a blessing to our family and will truly be missed.
We want to thank faculty at St. Vincent Medical Center, Longevity Hospice and Twin Heart’s Care Home of California for their kindness towards Reynaldo.



  1. Stella Rojas 4 November, 2016 at 18:39 Reply

    My fondest memories of my uncle Rey were his coming to Lockhart and bringing boxes and boxes of things to give his nieces and nephews. Always a smile on his face and stories that would make you cry from laughing so hard. He surely was a very generous man and he was good to all of us as we were growing up. I am only sorry that I hadn’t spoken to him in years. I thank my cousin Severo for visiting him during his final days and for making sure he came home at the end.

    Rey was one of a kind…. God bless him and may he rest in peace.

  2. Elizabeth Rojas 5 November, 2016 at 11:53 Reply

    I too remember when uncle Rey would come down and visit how he would bring us the coolest stuff from L.A.I remember how he got me everything I needed for my daughter Lexie…he was a wonderful and generous person.I thank my cousin Severo was always being there for him and for bringing him home to rest…R.I.P Uncle Rey

  3. Rodrigo 27 February, 2024 at 11:12 Reply

    I just found this obituary. When I was 4 years old we lived across the street from the Orthopedic Hospital in Los Angeles. That’s when we first met Rey. He was awesome! He took us to Disneyland for the first time when I was 5yo. He was very generous and very loving. I have great memories of Rey. I lost contact with him when I went to college but knew that he had moved to Texas. I am ever so grateful and blessed to have had him in my life.

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