Simon publishes One Lost Sheep


Lockhart’s William Bradford “Brad” Simon has published “One Lost Sheep; 99 Devotionals for Daily Reflections.”

The book can be presently found on Amazon Books and Kindle eBooks. 

Born in Lockhart in 1954, Simon has been married to his lifelong partner, Nancy Kay, since August 1980. He and Nancy are blessed with three children. Simon and his wife worship and serve at the Lockhart Church of Christ where he serves as an elder.

Throughout his adolescent years and into his mid-30s, Simon admits to being a part-time Christian, lukewarm at best, full of selfishness and self-righteousness.

 “I know, Lord, that your laws are righteous, and that in faithfulness you have afflicted me.”

Psalm 119:75

“I remember very clearly the day when my life began to change for the worst, or, at least, I thought it was for the worst,” Simon said. “Looking back, I see God’s hand in everything He did. He was completely rebuilding me. God was going to change this self-righteous, self-serving man, no matter what it took. God had enough of this behavior and changed his life forever. All praise to Him!

“As you know, life on Earth is unpredictable. Divorce, illness, suffering, loss of job, depression, accidents, and death will show their ugly faces without warning. There are several ways we can help ourselves: having good friends to share our troubles with, finding a good therapist, and researching positive ways to deal with these issues. But my first choice would be this: Surrender. Surrender to the Creator of all things. In fact, almost every devotional in this book has this suggestion.”

In One Lost Sheep: 99 Devotionals for Daily Reflections, readers “will find 99 open doors waiting for you to cross the threshold,” said Simon. “You will find 99 sets of open arms welcoming you with a hug. You will find 99 hands inviting you to come inside and know Jesus better. Peace be with you.”


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