The Vine Things offers items to aid in ‘walk with God’


By Kyle Mooty

LPR Editor

Paula Crist said her new Lockhart business, The Vine Things, has a bigger role than just being another business in town.

“It is a business, but there is a purpose for things here too,” said Crist, co-owner of The Vine Things along with Angelica Crist.

The Vine Things, located at 1407 S. Main Street, has a plethora of gifts, including Bibles, journals, anointing oils, prayer shawls, T-shirts, jewelry, purses, scented candles, and much more.

“There is a little bit of everything,” Crist said. “There is art that is local, a lot of which is by Gloria (Rodriguez).”

Crist makes the anointing oils.

Her goal is to keep things as local as possible.

“It’s important bringing in the local artisans together,” Crist said. “They are Christians and faith-based in the kingdom of God.”

Crist was a minister for 18 years but shifted into leadership training in 2018. A native of Austin, Crist moved to Lockhart seven years ago.

“I really didn’t know why, but now I see why,” she said. “God has brought me here. Vine Things is an extension of God’s hands. It’s God’s mouthpiece. I know now why I’m here. There are so many wonderful people here and it is helping people grow.

“So many of my fellow believers in Christ throughout the years have expressed the need for this place. They wanted a place they could go get spiritual things that we need for our point of our walk with God.”

The Vine Things was conceived in 2009, but Crist guarded the idea until now. The new business had a soft opening on Nov. 5, but Crist now has her shop going full steam.


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