Turning to Jesus is always the right call


Jim Honeycutt

Chaplain-Baptist Minister

In pain he was conceived, with traumatic pain he was created, now excruciating pain was his only expression. An allegory of the current state of humanity, at least the way it appears to me, I observed from the safety of my theater seat.

My friend Jason Jones, who directed this production of Frankenstein, had invited me to the performance. I willingly accepted, not really knowing what to expect. Yes, I was familiar with Mary Shelly’s writing of this tale, yet this was different. In that it was told from the creature’s perspective. And his telling was dreadful!

Many times, I found myself looking away, not able to process both the visual and its implications without deeper thought. This is not a review of the performances of the actors, for each one captivated me, holding me in a most uncomfortable trance. Particularly the creature, who held a tight grasp on my emotions. I squirmed in my seat, as he stood on the edge of the stage looking over the audience, crying out for help. Much the way I do when the photos of starving children are shown on TV.

It was not entertaining, it was in fact deeply troubling, deeply thought-provoking, deeply self-reflecting. A mesmerizing display of all the agony that many in today’s world experience. The creature abandoned by his creator, searched as many of us do, for understanding of who he was in reality. Awakening in great distress, alone, in confusion, he cried out for answers.

Thrust into a world that was fearful and full of anger, he found himself unable to express the turmoil within him. Cast away from society by those unable to see his need, he became solitary. Experiencing this existence without a life map or consoling actions, loneliness became frustration. Seeds of distrust planted by the fearful, sprouted within him.

To be rejected over and over again is one thing, but to be ridiculed and attacked because of appearance compounds the battle of self-worth. As the anxiety of disconnection grew, so did his anger. Lashing out became his only means of being heard. It is no wonder he was able so easily to take a life, for his had already been taken. Once embroiled in the battle to be heard and understood, the hope of a life fulfilled escaped him.

Determined to find answers, meaningful acceptance, he sought out the one who brought him forth, an egotistical man with delusions of godhood. His creator feared him, seeking to undo what he had made by trickery. But the creature had become learned in the ways of man. Taught by experience and the kindness of a blind stranger. That kindness he repaid by murder. Now armed with cunningness, he led his adversary, his creator on a journey of cat and mouse far from the safety of home.

I was unable to speak with Jason afterwards, for the sounds of the creatures cry for help still rung in my ears. And I wondered how many people cry out for help every day, that makes us squirm, yet we fail to lift one finger. Turning away, we feel powerless to act and become only observers of their pain. That sense of hopelessness, portrayed so well by the acting ensemble, is so prevalent in today’s life experience that it affects all areas of society.

No one is immune from the anxiety, stress, and anger that it creates in our souls. Which explains so much of what’s happening around us. But unlike the play, we have a Creator that does not abandon us. Does not seek to trick us. Who is not the adversary. Who provides a way to fullness and purpose.

We may be born in pain, we may walk in loneliness or misunderstanding. Yet in Jesus Christ all our answers are found. Jesus said, “in this world you will have trouble, you will have pain, but take heart I have overcome the world. So much of what we learn is by experience and the experience of Trusting Christ is like no other found.

Minute by minute the hurts of the past He removes, moment by moment the walk becomes clearer, day after day new mercies we see. His Grace empowers us to face the unknown, the dreadful, the hurtful. So how do we take hold of this life of empowerment, this life of purpose, this life eternal? Jesus is recorded in Scripture as saying, “Here I am, I stand at your heart’s door knocking, if you hear my voice and open your door, I will come in and we shall be as friends eating together.”

Are you troubled? Are you lonely? Are you full of anxiety and stress? Jesus stands ready to deliver you from all these soul-felt hurts. All you need do is ask Him to come, and by His promise, He will.


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