Varsity Lions fall to Lake Travis Cavaliers


By Alonzo Garza

The Varsity Lions hosted the Lake Travis Cavaliers and fell 87-26 at the Lion’s Den on Friday, Dec. 19.

The Lions fell behind early when the Cavaliers made 26 points in the first quarter while allowing only two from the Lions.

The second quarter was the best-scoring quarter for the Lions. They scored a total of 15 po

ints. Unfortunately, it was also the best scoring quarter for the Cavaliers who scored 28.

The Lions went into the locker room with a 37-point deficit at halftime. The Cavaliers filed into their locker room with a 54-17 lead.

After the break, the Cavaliers seemed comfortable with their lead over the Lions and scored fewer points in the second half. The Lions also scored fewer points, allowing the Cavaliers to maintain their lead.

The third ended at 70-22 after the Cavaliers added 16 points and allowing the Lions to score five.

The game ended with a lopsided 87-26 score after the Lions added four points and the Cavaliers added 17 in the fourth.

Christian Estrada scored the only two points in the first quarter.

Xavier Moore scored seven points with two three-point shots and a free throw in the second. Also scoring in the second quarter was Hector Rangel with four points. Jason Sanders and Roy Garcia each scored two points.
Scoring in the third was Moore with a two-pointer and a free throw and Trent Albert with a two point shot.
Rangel scored two free throws and Sanders scored a two pointer in the fourth.

The Lions will travel to Kyle to face the Lehman Lobos next year on Friday, Jan. 2. Their next home game will be against the Manor Mustangs at the Lion’s Den on Tuesday, Jan. 6.

See you at the game.


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