Great Debate: Is fluoride worth it?

Editor’s Note: A recently submitted Letter to the Editor contained concerns and pharmacy viagra cheap allegations that prompted our Editorial Board to research an option for providing “both sides of wow)) the story.” The nature of the concerns led us to believe that it was our duty to present opposing viewpoints, and allow our readers to determine their own course of action.


Is Lockhart (literally) poisoning the water?

To the Editor:

Saturday night was the annual Progressive Club dinner at the Lion’s Club. Wonderful food and fellowship. Gospel singing and one of the most edifying, encouraging speeches I have ever been blessed to hear in my life from Pastor Ty McDonald.

Pity those who did not attend!

As I sat there, chatting and having a good time with friends and acquaintances, I noticed there were many children attending — some teens, some toddlers. I wondered, how many of their parents avoid fluoride in these precious children’s diets and environments?

Blacks have two alleles (genes) and Hispanics have one allele that makes them more vulnerable to the effects of fluoride. White people do not have these genetic anomalies. Yes, I will go “there.” Fluoridation is a racial issue.

Side effects of fluoride include stunted mental growth, motor dysfunctions and learning disabilities. Children exposed to fluoride have lower IQ, according to a Harvard study.

The authors stated, “The results sup­port the pos­si­bil­ity of an adverse effect of high flu­o­ride expo­sure on children’s neu­rode­vel­op­ment.”

More than 23 other human studies and cialis daily 100-plus animal studies have linked fluoride to brain damage.

Lockhart adds fluoride to the municipal water. This is unnecessary and unhealthy for all citizens, but especially for the 13.3 percent Blacks and 47.4 percent Hispanics of our population. That’s over 60 percent of the entire city, let alone those in the county, who are being adversely affected by fluoride.

The evidence is clear and cannot be ignored. The solution is also within our ability: stop adding fluoride to Lockhart’s water!

Will you stand with me for the children of our community and work to educate parents, politicians, educators, and all leaders so that this genocide can stop now?

Donna Voetee



Lockhart’s water is perfectly safe

To the Editor:

The American Dental Association and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention continue to generic cialis sale recommend the importance of Fluoride in prevention of dental disease.

They have recently recommended that daily intake be reduced because of the other intake of dentrifices such as toothpastes, mouthwashes and viagra price online varnishes.

Everyone is advised to research their own local water floride content. Some areas such as Niederwald-Uhland area contain way too much flouride naturally and can result in deleterious cosmetic effects.

The extreme effects described in the letter to the editor have not been documented in a scientific setting as such.

As always, people need to make their own decisions in regards to their health and that of cheap viagra 50mg their families.

I strongly support the fluoridation of our local water supply for your health and will see that levels are updated to current recommendations.


Lew White DDS

Mayor, City of Lockhart