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To the Editor:

I was very saddened by the article where the local Baptist church ousted the Boy Scouts after a 20-year relationship because the Boy Scouts of America apparently adopted a new policy to allow homosexuals into their organization.

Strikes me as the opposite of “What Jesus Would Do.”

What happened to “Judge Not Less Ye Be Judged?” Their act

ion sounds like a statement of condemnation to me.

And what about the innocent children? Did the church leaders think this decision would not negatively affect the boys of this troop? Matthew 18:6 states that it would be better one had a milestone tied around his neck and thrown to the bottom of the ocean than to harm one hair on these little one’s heads.

And the churches of today wonder why they are losing membership? They are chasing the people away! I will teach my child to love and treat all people equally, regardless of race, gender, disability, religious belief, financial status or sexual orientation. We are all equal in God’s Eyes.

That, my friend, is “What Jesus Would Do!”

Chris Schexnayder


To the Editor:

I was appalled to read that First Lockhart Baptist Church is considering ousting the Boy Scout troop that they have sponsored for over 20 years.

Thank you for including the rational statements made by Cody Baird that highlight the foolishness of that move.

What happened to “hate the sin but love the sinner”?

The church is basing its proposed action on the unlikely possibility of the BSA allowing openly homosexual scoutmasters sometime in the future. Why not wait and see if that happens? Why punish these great kids?

The BSA continues to uphold high moral standards regarding sexual activity as stated in the article.

If FLBC goes through with this, I will never attend a church service or Sunday school class there again unless it is for a funeral.

Suzanne Fulton




  1. Robert Lewis 22 July, 2013 at 09:49 Reply

    I’m sure it was not an easy decision for the church to make, however it was the right thing to do. FLBC, you knew you’d take flack for this, but if the world condemns you, that’s OK, because Jesus said the world would do so.

    Robert Lewis
    Former Lockhart resident

  2. Velma Fogle 2 August, 2013 at 09:47 Reply

    Christianity is not a popularity contest. I frequently hear Jesus used as a defense for wrong doing. When Jesus forgave the woman caught in adultery he said “sin no more”. To me, that says you cannot continue in your sin. If you are forgiven, why would you want to?. Yes, you love the sinner but you do not condone his or her sin. I had two close friends who were gay. Both died of aids. If you disagree with Baptist teaching or Roman Catholic teaching, do not attend either Church. Why would you? I also hear the argument “Born that way” Regardless of how we are born, we always have choice. We choose our life style. Remember Lot’s wife.

  3. Kit Baird 10 March, 2014 at 19:51 Reply

    I am a member of Troop 215 that was at FLBC. We have since moved to the Episcopal Church. We feel very welcomed and are very happy to have them as our Charter Organization. I don’t agree with FLBC making this move, but I understand that it’s their belief and I like it in our new home better. Thank you for the community support for all boy scout troops in Lockhart.

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