Letters – Critic responds to praise for Doggett


To the Editor:
I read with great amusement and hilarity the Letter to the Editor in your April 15, 2010, edition (Reader thanks Doggett for health care vote). She was thanking Lloyd Doggett for voting for the “health insurance bill.”

I also wish to thank him for his vote that will force people to buy insurance or face fines and possible prison time (Nancy Pelosi

said, “That”s fair, isn”t it?”).

I want to thank Lloyd Doggett and the rest of Congress for Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security being broke. For the first time, Social Security is in the “red.”

Thank he and the rest for the $14 TRILLION dollar “health insurance bill.” After only 31 days since signed into law, HHS says $311 billion more needs to be added to the $1.2 trillion.

Thank you, Mr. Doggett, for our children and grandchildren having to pay off this debt.

Thanks for supporting the value added tax bill (VAT). This will add 15-25 percent national sales tax.

Thanks for adding 16,500 more IRS agents to monitor if people buy the insurance, and if not, deducting the fines or premiums from their tax refunds.

Thanks also for having voted to give the government electronic access to our checking and savings accounts.

Thanks for government takeover of student loans. We are going to add 30 million more people to health care. Are you aware we have a doctor and nurse shortage, nationwide?

As the April 15 letter said, Lloyd Doggett is “dedicated to his constituents.” As Mr. Doggett said in a town hall meeting in South Austin in late August, “I don”t care what my constituents want, I”ll vote for the health care bill anyway.”

Our country is broke and Congress keeps spending.

Vice President Biden said, “sometimes you have to spend to get out of bankruptcy.”

Nancy Pelosi said, “let”s vote for the bill, so we can see what”s in it.”

Well, they voted, and now we see all the horrible rules and mandates in the 2,700-page bill.

Plus, the increased taxes start immediately, but the bill won”t take effect for four years.

One hundred fourteen bureaucratic agencies added, and 14 new taxes. It”s all in the bill.

Thanks, Congress, and thanks, Mr. Doggett.
Don Rigsby


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