Letters – Fan congratulates Lions, coaching staff


As you know our, Lions lost Saturday by three points to Beaumont. Our hearts were sad but the Lockhart Lions, staff, coaches, and cheerleaders, Lionettes, band, and all others involved can carry their heads high. They have nothing to be ashamed of.
My nephew, Randy Castillo, plays for the Lions and he is a senior this year. He will remember his senior

year because that is the year that the Lions went to the play offs and it has been a very dry spell since Lockhart has won a play off game.
I attended every game this year, at home and away. Some were very close games, compare this year to last year and the LOCKHART LIONS are definitely winners.
It was so exciting to see the team on the buses that went around the Square before they left for the play off games. And Saturday night when the buses were coming down 183 into Lockhart and around Tractor Supply, there were police cars and fire trucks and fans to welcome the team home.
It was AWESOME to see all the fans that came out to the games, especially Saturday night, it looked like all of Lockhart was in the stands and people were on their feet most of the night.
Hats off to Coach Moses, players and all others involved with the Lockhart Lions.
After all I’m a graduate of Lockhart High back in the 60’s.
Thanks Lockhart for a great football season.
Judy Anderson


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