Which path will you choose?


Jim Honeycutt

Chaplain-Baptist Minister

He wept. All through the night he wept. Laying face down in the dust, he wept. And as the anguish poured from his soul, new emotions were emerging, taking control of his thoughts. Feelings not experienced before this moment bloomed within. They had grown in the night and that night had been long, seeming to never end. That night had been dark, almost completely black. That night had been terrifying, fear overwhelming his heart. 

Whispers, aimed with precise accuracy, taunted him. They toyed with his thoughts. Shooting self-demeaning deception, flaming arrows pieced through his mind. Unable to think with clarity, once open, now closed, clouds of doubt rained down confusion upon his being. Boiling anger seethed within his heart, rising up, planted by the realization of what he had given away.

Lifting his body from the dust, caked on mud, formed by bitter tears covered his face. No longer reflecting the brightness of joy, sorrow was his countenance.

Struggling to stand from where he had laid, facing the rising sun he cried out, “Father!” 

Time after time he called out. Time after time came no reply. Time after time after time, he pleaded. Downcast, he realized he would never hear his Father’s voice again. At least not like he had. Looking around his world had transformed. No longer was everything bright and lush. No longer was nature singing for him to hear. No longer was his vision sharp, becoming increasingly hazy. 

Now among the flowers were thorns. Now among the animals, were predators. Now among him, was good and evil. Gone was perfection. Gone was the glory that clothed him. Gone was Life. Cast away, death stalked his days. His reminder of the consequences of his actions. Seduction had come with all the craftiness of a serpent. He should have refused its call. He should have turned and run. He should have sprinted to his Father. But allure filled his eyes and desire hooked his heart. 

Created to fully know his Creator. Created to walk in constant fellowship with his Creator. Created to reflect above all creation the glory of his Creator. He had given it all away, trading Life, for knowledge, perfection for imperfection, dependence for self-guidance. Yet in his heart remained a flame of hope, for His father promised that he was not doomed to this existence forever. He promised a path back to perfection. He promised redemption, from the knowledge he had purchased. All that he had been seduced into handing over to the deceiver would be restored.

Time would pass. So much time would pass. Time that erased the memory of the days of walking with The Creator. But the promise of his Father, as an anchor secured the future.

He wept. All through the night he wept. Kneeling with his face to the heavens, he wept tears of blood. Anguish poured from his soul. His spirit bringing under control the emotions sweeping through his body. The promise of his Father on his mind, engraved upon his heart, he willingly surrendered himself to that which he had never known. Trading his Life for the payment of a debt he didn’t owe. Separated from His Glory, he took the punishment for the first seduction, erasing it’s claim over the ones lured away.

Receiving the consequences of death, he endured the penalty, removing its wrath from the intended. And once completed, returned to you the path to fully know your Creator. The path to walking in fellowship with your Creator. The path to reflecting The Glory of your Creator.

But as in the days of the first seduction, the whispers of deception are not silent. And as ages have passed, they have become louder and louder and louder. The beauty of Life still traded for the knowledge of good and evil. Blinded by the pursuit of good, evil rides along on the back of those that trust their independence to what they understand. Unable to grasp the reality of these failed philosophies, they cast away the promise of The Creator.

The promise of redeeming grace, sealed by The Creator’s own blood. It is this rejection that is bringing about the destruction that was foretold in the days of the first deception. 

As a follower in the life changing Gospel of Jesus Christ I am called to know Perfection (Jehovah) which is The Way of Truth. Getting caught up trying to determine what is good and what is evil can be overwhelming, even to the believer. That is why I must pursue Christ. In Him all things are known. What will you choose? The path to perfection (Life) or the seductive calling to know both good and evil. To those that pursue Him and His righteousness, Life shall be given. To those seduced into walking in good and evil, death awaits.


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