With Jesus, there is no need for rage


Jim Honeycutt

Chaplain-Baptist Minister

Why do the nations rage, and the peoples plot in vain? — Psalm 2: 1,2

Across the globe the drums of battle beat ever louder. The terror of night creeps along plotting the destruction of many. Angry, rage-fueled men spill the blood of the innocent. Wars and rumor of wars spread like cancer. The seas are not wide enough to keep the darkness at bay. And enemies with their eyes set against our way of life, seeking to usher in our overthrow are already among us.

Facing an unprecedented, unfathomable threat, many find themselves in emotional distress. Calamity has become an everyday occurrence. The price of basic goods soar, with many going without food or essential medical care. The leaders fight among themselves, each one believing they have the answer for the hour. While civility becomes harder and harder to find. Those with financial stability insulate themselves behind walls of delusion, pretending it will all go away.

And somehow, we know that this is only the beginning.

When I was a boy, my father often spoke to me about the future. His perspective came from not only what he had experienced throughout The Great Depression and World War II, but more importantly what he read in The Scriptures. Sitting together he would lead me in reading the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation, carefully explaining the things he understood.

The things he did not, we would pray about, asking God to give us insight. He taught me that a time was coming when men would no longer use sound judgment, but would be driven by their emotions, anger, fueled by hate, lust in search of power. Seeds of darkness planted in the hearts of men would bloom in record fashion, leaving many not knowing where to turn or find the help their souls cried out for. I found all that hard to digest. To know people would turn their backs on each other was frightening, but to think people would deny The Creator who made them was ludicrous. 

In my teenage years I had a few friends completely turned off by what they considered to be the overtly religious church. Finding that many of the teachings didn’t line up with the actions of those in authority. While personally I struggled with my rebellious nature that didn’t appreciate being told what I was to do.

For a time, I drifted, walking the line between religious actions, and outright rebellion. When one day the Lord stayed my hand that I had lifted in anger against my cousin. He had always pushed my buttons, but today I had enough. I raised the wrench above his head with every intention of knocking him to my feet. And before I could bring it down a voice screamed in my ear, ‘What are you doing?’ It scared me motionless! Standing above him, I saw myself as I was and it terrified me. Leaving him there, I left without saying another word. At the time I thought it was my father’s voice, even though my cousin and I were alone. I now know it was My Heavenly Father’s voice screaming within me.

This set me on a mission to be separated from the rage I felt within. Over time I learned to control my emotions, by the calming presence of God’s Holy Spirit. Rather than running from my Savior in a fit, I ran to Him in hope. In love and mercy, he peeled back the layers of distrust and hurt I had built up, placing His healing within me.

I know that right now, today, there are many who have fled what they believed was just religious bull. A Gospel that leaves out the power of the Resurrection and is controlled by the opinions of men. That is why it is critical at this point in human history for The True Bride of Christ to make herself known. In love and mercy, we must see beyond the darkness and shine The Light of Jesus upon all in need. This simple poem came to me as I pondered a dream.

What began outside The Church, settled in its walls.

Is profiting from the pulpit in assault on Christ’s call. 

Wake up oh Men of God, our battle time is here!

Wake up oh Men of God, the darkness shrinks in fear! 

No longer must you slumber, The Son’s rise very near.

Wash out your eyes for vision, repentance’s healing tears.

On your knees take your stand, on Jesus’s Name now call. 

In earnest powerfully intercede, those lost among the fall.

What began within The Church, settled not in walls.

Is ringing out from willing hearts, obedient to Christ’s call.

Wake up oh Men of God, our battle time is here!

Wake up oh Men of God, the darkness shrinks in fear!

No longer bound by chains of sin, salvations story tell.

With power of His love impart, freedom over darkest hell.

In our spirits, on our lips, faith courageously impart.

The message of The Living God, into our brothers’ hearts.

Wake up oh Men of God, our battle time is here!

Wake up oh Men of God, the darkness shrinks in fear!


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