Letters – Reader describes difference between liberal and cheapest online viagra conservative

To the Editor:

There have been many comments that the Honorable Tom Bonn, John Cyrier and Fred Buchholtz are not living up to being true conservatives. But, in fact, these gentlemen are real examples of conservatism.

Political conservatism has always meant that those in power in the government “conserve” more decision-making power regarding people’s lives to itself, rather than allowing citizens to have more decision-making power so that they can control their government and make more decisions that affect their own lives.

For example, if the rules were in place to allow for it, the budget could have been put out there for the Caldwell County taxpayers to http://www.radiosirokibrijeg.com/buy-cheap-viagra vote on www.inationradio.com rather than only a handful of officials. Does it truly matter that they were elected?

Once they leave office, the budget is behind them and no longer a concern of theirs. These gentlemen have truly lived up to the meaning of online pharmacy propecia being conservative by the way that they drafted and passed the budget with minimal necessary public input.

They have also been unfairly accused of being liberals. If they were liberals, county taxes would pay for health insurance for everyone in the county. Why should conservatives agree to allow county taxes to pay for health insurance when they do not agree for federal taxes to pay for health insurance? Wouldn’t that be hypocritical?

Conservatives expect all people to pay for their own health insurance and do not expect taxes to pay for it.

I am surprised that conservatives who elected them into office didn’t already know this and expect this to happen.

It is not true to say they have not acted like conservatives and cialis soft tabs scam are acting like liberals. When it comes to health care and health insurance, liberals are a far cry from conservatives and nothing like them.

Rebecca Vann