‘Fifth annual ‘Best of Caldwell County’ poll starts this week


Which restaurant really serves the best barbecue?

When the national publicity is peeled away, Caldwell County residents know better than anyone what to look for. Keeping that in mind, the Lockhart Post-Register is proud to announce the fifth annual “Best of Caldwell County Readers’ Choice Awards,” to give the men and women of the community the chance to sound of

f about the best brisket, sausage, ribs… and more than 100 other things.

The fifth anniversary ballot, available in this week’s Post-Register, adds new categories to the already-popular, exclusively local poll, allowing readers to recognize even more businesses and individuals that make Caldwell County great.

“After five years, we are still thrilled and surprised by the response we receive to the ‘Best of Caldwell County Readers’ Choice Awards,’” Post-Register publisher Dana Garrett said. “Not only do we get questions from newcomers, asking which products and services our readers think are the best, but we’ve also started getting requests from local business owners, asking for new categories and advice on how to improve their products and services, wondering what we think our voters are looking for. We have added some special new categories and are looking forward to another successful poll.”

Among the changes, the “Best Barbecue” category has been broken down into four categories: brisket, sausage, ribs and overall barbecue, and new finance and entertainment categories have been added.

“As Caldwell County continues to grow, we see more and more businesses and individuals making contributions,” said Post-Register editor LPR Staff. “It’s important to us, when we’re building the poll every year, to make sure our readers get the chance to recognize every aspect of life in Caldwell County, and what makes it so special.”

Voting in the fifth annual “Best of Caldwell County Readers’ Choice Poll” starts today, and will continue through February. The winners will be announced in a special commemorative edition of the Lockhart Post-Register on April 1, 2010.

Find your ballot on Page 6C of this week’s Post-Register.


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