Cops investigate rash of local burglaries


By LPR Staff

A rash of burglaries in Lockhart in the last several weeks is prompting authorities to remind residents about the importance of looking out for their neighbors.
Since Christmas, Lockhart residents have reported more than a dozen burglaries, most carried out in the light of day, in a generally centralized area s

urrounding Clear Fork and Navarro Elementaries, and Lockhart High School. In most of the cases, the perpetrators have taken only small items – jewelry, cash, gaming consoles and small electronics, and police have few leads as to the suspects.
“It’s been about a week since the last one was reported,” Capt. Chris Knudsen said on Tuesday. “But there were a bunch of them, situated in one area, so we have an idea as to what it is we’re looking at.”
Knudsen said the items stolen have yet to be found at local pawn shops, but he noted the items could be either fenced on the street, or given as gifts.
“What we think is, whoever is doing this is going up and knocking on doors to see if anyone is home before they try to make entry into the house,” he said. The entry has usually been made by breaking out a window or kicking in a door of residences where no one is found to be at home.
In perhaps an unrelated spree of sorts, several car burglaries have also been reported. However, Knudsen said, most of those are products of residents leaving their vehicles unlocked over night.
“People think that because this is little, bitty Lockhart, they can leave their doors unlocked,” he said. “And even though we try to tell them this is what can happen, people are still leaving their doors unlocked.”
Knudsen urged residents of the community to make sure to call police if they see suspicious activity in their area.
“If you see someone that isn’t supposed to be there, call us,” he said. “We would rather you call us and have us come out right then, rather than wait a few days and say, ‘Oh, I saw something, but I didn’t think anything of it.’”
He also suggested keeping a list of serial numbers and photographs of electronics, firearms and jewelry, to aid police in recovering stolen items. However, he admitted, although keeping an inventory is advisable, few people ever do.
“That would make it easier on us to find [crime victims’ belongings],” he said. “Because what they are taking seems to be the stuff they can fit in a pocket or a backpack, or under a jacket. They aren’t walking up the street carrying big-screen TVs.”
Knudsen said all the incidents are still under investigation and urged anyone with information about the robberies to contact the Lockhart Police Department at (512) 398-4401.


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