A great reminder from a 4-year-old


Being a reformed smart-aleck, Jim felt that ole sense of humor arise. That quickly changed to a more serious tone when a new acquaintance asked him the other day in a condescending voice, “Are you a donkey, an elephant, liberal or conservative, or possibly a libertarian kook?”

First Jim said, “Wow, that was a mouthful!” Then he said, “Oh, I does what my Daddy does.”

With a puzzled look, the new friend just said, “Huh?”

Jim repeated, but slower, “I does what my Daddy does.”

Completely confounded, the new friend gasped, “Ok, I’ll bite, what does that even mean? I does what my daddy does.”

With a smirk Jim said, “Well, when my daughter was quite young I had to pick her up at day care and upon arriving discovered I didn’t have the car seat. Caught in a lurch, unable to go and retrieve it, I rationalized that she was big enough to ride one block in a seat belt. Buckling her in, I jumped in the driver’s seat and took off, so fast in fact I forgot my seatbelt. Pulling up next to me at the stoplight was a nice smiling policeman. So nice in fact, he stopped me just to say good morning. Which was followed by, “Sir, why are you not wearing a seat belt and young lady why are you not in a car seat?” And before I could utter a single word, my four-year-old daughter looks right at the police officer and said, “I does what my daddy does.”

For a second all was silent as what she said sunk in. It was loud, it was clear, and it cut this young father’s heart. And the officer could see it on my face. Wiping my tear, I looked at him and said, “I’ve got nothing sir, I’m without excuse.” Out of the mouth of babes, lesson learned I believe, the officer said with a compassionate smile, “But sign this warning.” Which I did. I took that warning to heart on so many levels.

As I’ve matured, I’ve taken it quite seriously. As a young father, I led my daughter into error by making a selfish decision. Her eyes were on me, my eyes were on me. She was going to imitate me. Who was I to be?

In that moment ,one truth came into my mind, one I remembered from my parents, ‘eyes on Jesus son, eyes on Jesus.’ Oh, and that was so easy, for if I wanted to see the heart of God I need look no farther than my loving parents. How foolish of me to take my eyes off. Since then, I have consciously sought after the will of Christ. Doing what He does. Using my young daughter’s verbalized heartfelt confession. I does what my daddy does is a cemented thought I endeavor and strive for, though I constantly fail.

Praise His name the Blood of Jesus Christ covers my failure. I continue to strive until that day I go home, or He comes to get me.

Now, new guy’s jaw was still slightly a gap, as Jim began to anticipate another “What?” But his jaw slowly closed and his mouth produced a slight smile. And he slowly repeated, “I does what my daddy does. I like it! But, what the heck does that have to do with the question I asked you?

Jim responded, “I am none of those things, as a believer in the Lordship of Jesus Christ my identity is found in Him. I look to Him. Christ creates in me so much security that I desire nothing He doesn’t provide. So, you can call me whatever you want. I don’t answer to any of them. After a second or two, his new friend said, “Ok, now tell me, what does your Father do?”

No longer restrained for the door was open, Jim told him, God created us to fellowship with Him. Because of our fallen condition, Jehovah God came in human form, born to a virgin. All God, all man, Jesus Christ lived a perfect life committing no errors, no sin, and proved His love for us by taking our sin as His own. Actually taking the penalty of my sin from me and placing it upon Himself. All punishment I deserved, He bore. Because of this and my acceptance of His sacrifice, I now look to Him. And what I see Him doing is calling all people unto Himself. Jehovah is not only our creator, He is our sustainer. All the ways of man, the labels, the false teachings the perversion of Gods gifts. The Lord Jesus wants to take all that away and replace it with true purpose, true faith, true love. What is God doing? His reconciling the weary and broken unto Himself.


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