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To the Editor:

My husband and I were visiting with a couple from South Africa. I explained that although we had once purchased tickets to visit their country, we had decided not to go due to the crime rate.

They looked at one another in surprise and replied, “There is no crime where we live. We have cameras and eight foot barbed wire fences that surround our co


I remembered that conversation on the evening we discovered that our little piece of paradise off of Hwy 713 and Fox Lane had been vandalized and robbed for the second time. The peace and serenity of living in the country, away from the big city has sadly evolved into a compound surrounded by special security equipment, and barbed wire fences.

On April 5, we were burglarized for the second time. The thieves cut our fence and removed the post to gain access to the property. They drove through the field down to the barn. The thieves broke into the barn and literally cleaned it out. They took our 2012 Polaris Ranger 800 crew, a 2012 Yamaha Grizzly four wheeler, a red go cart, a yellow mini dirt bike, a Honda Generator, a zero turn White lawnmower, a push lawn mower, a walk behind weed eater, fishing rods and tackle boxes, shovels, all kinds of assorted hand and electrical tools, three chain saws, two pole saws. Even our gas cans with our name on them were taken.

We are asking you to keep your eyes and ears open. We are offering a reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of these thieves.

It is time we come together as a community and contact our Commissioners for their support.

We are not the first or the last to be hit by crime in our area lately. In telling our story we have heard countless similar stories.

We have a choice to either fight or sell our property. We have chosen to fight back!

Johnny and Sue Haley Smith



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  1. Bonnie 18 May, 2012 at 12:41 Reply

    I feel your pain. Our neighborhood was swiped twice last year. I am in town and they came up and took our $400 saw off our front porch while we were sleeping. We were in the middle of repairing our porch. Since we are set back from the street it was pretty disturbing that the people came within inches of where we were all sleeping. We later found out they had taken the huge ac unit out of my neighbors window. The police did arrest that guy because the ac until was found in his truck when he was pulled over. Our saw wasn’t in the truck and he of course didn’t confess to it. It was 4 houses down on the same night. odds? My husband one night coming home from work, pulled into the driveway and leaned over to get something before locking up his truck. He didn’t realize that his wallet had dropped out of his pocket. We got a call from our bank the next morning letting us know that suspicious activity was showing on our cards. What are the odds that of all the days in the world he drops his wallet (first time) that a thief would be swiping it out of the truck? They were caught on camera at the Mustang Ridge gas station ….filled up 5 cars worth of gas using all our cards. They were caught in Austin by a neighbor who caught them in the act. Our wallet was o n them along with 56 others!!

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