Being the child of the King


Jim Honeycutt

Chaplain-Baptist Minister

Over the course of my life I have been known by many names, carried many labels. At my conception, by blood, I was a Graham. But I carried the label “infant Myers,” given me by the hospital I was born until my adopted parents could be chosen legally.

Then, when the Family Courts of Texas ruled, I became a Honeycutt by decree. The name given me formally was James Honeycutt, though my parents were the only ones that called me James. And that was usually when I was in trouble or being introduced to adults.

Speaking of trouble, that was the label I heard most often as a young child, as in, “Oh no, here comes trouble with a capital T.” It was most often spoken in hushed tones by adults, yet openly teased by kids when Mom would take me out.

But to most, I was simply known as Jimmy, Walter’s and Mertice’s boy, the son of a farmer. In school, the teachers had all kinds of names for me, many where rightly deserved, others just mean. I learned early that once a label was placed on you, it was hard to remove it. The thing about labels and kids is, if you tell a child enough what you think they are, they start to believe it.

So, I was a Graham by blood, Honeycutt by decree, and Trouble by label. But was that who I really was?

When I graduated High School and entered the work force, I became known by whatever job I was performing. In Mart where I grew up, it would go something like this, “That’s Jimmy Honeycutt, Walter Jr’s son, he is a …” and they’d fill in the blank. 

Once I married and moved away from home, the first question people would ask when introduced to me was, “What do you do for a living Jim? Yes, I preferred to be called Jim. Jimmy was that trouble making little boy and I did my best to distance myself from his antics. But my point is this…

We all tend to think of people not as much by their name, but by what they do. Sometimes this is their professional title or the task they perform. Such as Dr. Harry Smith Primary Care Physician or Old Tom the painter. Who used to be Tom the painter until he got a little grey hair. Then there are those that are labeled by circumstances, homeless, handicapped, destitute. And people with issues of mental or emotional health are often labeled crazy, delusional, or out of touch with reality. How many times have you labeled people drunkard, crack head, or worse? People make decisions on who they think someone is, based on the information they perceive. But is that who they really are?

Today, if someone asks me who I am, what do I do, and I answer my family owns an insurance agency, they label me in one way. If I say I’m semi-retired, they label me with another. And if I were to tell them I enjoy writing short stories, a completely different label is printed. Further, once seeing my long hair and tattoos, many have called me hippie.

But is this who I really am? 

A few years ago, even though I knew better, I became intoxicated at the Chisolm Trail Festival. Old troublesome Jimmy came out to play… I acted a fool! This label I put on myself! Yet, after doing my best to apologize, make things right with friends, I found myself with this label, embarrassed. 

Only a few weeks ago, a man I have known for several years shook my hand saying, “I didn’t know you were a preacher.” It was like his expectation of me changed when he discovered I openly loved Jesus Christ. 

Quite a big difference in the two labels wouldn’t you say?

Minister of Jesus Christ or foolish troublesome Jimmy. Which is it? Will the real me please stand up? 

The me you see in the flesh is not the same me of the spirit. I know that sounds a little strange. But the labels of a temporal world will pass away even as my name like my flesh turns to dust.

So, who am I? Under The Light of eternity, who am I?  Nothing I know offered by mortal men can answer that question for those of us searching. Yet, there is a path to understanding who we are and who we should be. 

I was born into this world without a family, without a personal name, yet I was given a family and a name. The Honeycutts were entrusted by God to teach me of His love. Every dear saint of my childhood pointed me to Jesus, promising in Him I would discover who I truly was.

The path has not been easy, I battle the flesh of troublesome Jimmy every day. But he is not who I am. I am a child of The King, known in heaven as a brother of Jesus, part of The Body of Christ. I was created personally by YAWEH, and am covered by the atoning blood of my Savior. Now that I’ve introduced myself, may I ask who are you? Take a moment to think about it.


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