Letters – Commander praises first responders


To the Editor:
I wanted to take the time to pass on something to yourself and the responders who were on scene on Saturday the 2nd.  I don’t have a contact for any of the other responders so I am hoping you will pass this on.
I am extremely proud of everyone who responded to this call.  After 18 years of EMS I am still taken back by the men and women who chose to

dedicate their lives to others.  This incident could not have been handled any better, the EMS and Fire crews were wonderful.  I don’t have names for everyone but they truly deserve a pat on the back.  I hope your community knows what a wonderful group of people they have taking care of them.  I am truly proud to say I had the opportunity to work side by side these crews.
Thank you
Mark Karonika, EMT-P
Special Operations District Commander
Austin-Travis County EMS


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