Attitude reflects leadership at LISD


To the Editor:

A leader in business has many duties, but of primary importance is the ongoing management of “human systems.” These are the mechanisms by which we divide up our work into manageable tasks and assign persons with specific experience and talent to carry out those individual tasks. In combination, the individual tasks of many all work together for the benefit

of the entire organization.

If the leader is effective they create an environment of trust, where people are free to solve difficult problems, encouraged to apply their own creativity and empowered to take specific action. If the leader fails to create this type of environment the results are mediocrity, mistrust, and an overall feeling of discouragement for the entire organization. If that occurs, then every predictable negative result is essentially the fault of the leader.

It has long been my observation that the Lockhart ISD Board of Trustees has created an environment in which teachers and administrators are diminished in their professional capacities. Because this group chooses selectively to assert itself into district and campus administrative matters, our talented and skilled professional educators are not allowed the freedom to give their best work and are restricted from being able to effectively carry out their duties. It appears to truly be an environment of fear.

The resulting unhealthy environment is the major contributing factor to the mediocrity that is our local school district. Our gifted educators plead for the freedom and resources to carry out their life’s work and calling, while skilled administrators can only shake their heads in disbelief as the LISD Board repeatedly ignores their educated and experienced talent and instead makes decisions that can at best be described as “self-serving.”

These over-reaching actions have placed our children at risk. They cannot continue.

As a voter and tax payer in this District, I respectfully demand that each individual member of this Board re-assess the role that they believe their elected body is supposed play, and focus its actions within the purposes for which it is intended to exist.

Do this, not just for the well-being of my child, but the well being of the thousands of other children whose lives are impacted with every decision that is made.


Rick Womble



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  1. Judy Wilson 3 September, 2011 at 12:42 Reply

    As a former member of the LISD board I can agree with these comments. It was really an eye opener when I saw what really went on in the district.

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