Letters – Mom speaks out after tragic crash


To the Editor:

I am the mother of the young man who was killed Sunday. I know you could only report on what you were told but I wanted to make sure all the parents out there know my baby was not like those other two.

Was he perfect? Absolutely not. But he didn’t have an extensive criminal history nor had he ever snuck out like that before.

Dajan was a boy wh

o believed in the good in every person. He believed the 15-year-old just needed someone to believe in him and love him the way my son was loved. Dajan was everyone’s friend and the most loyal friend anyone could ever have. His loss has broken many hearts outside of our immediate family.

I would also like to send a personal note to all parents, present and future… Teenagers make poor choices and impulses can sometimes over ride even the best upbringing.

Protect your teens from themselves; make sure your keys are not left lying around, make sure your teens know they can talk to you and most importantly make sure they know they are loved and cherished because they can be stolen from you in the blink of an eye!

Shannon Council



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