Amendments pass in sparsely-attended election


By LPR Staff

Fewer than 10 percent of Texas voters made the decision this week as to 11 possible amendments to the Texas Constitution. All eleven of the amendments passed, in what amounts to one of the most poorly-attended elections in Texas history, with only a total of fewer than 1.1 million votes cast.

According to information re

leased by Secretary of State Hope Andrade’s office on Wednesday morning, a maximum of 8.1 percent of Texas’ 12.95 million registered voters entered a vote to express their opinions about the 11 amendments, which will govern a number of things, from the government’s right to eminent domain to aligning appraisal districts’ policies.

Summarized, the election results were as follows:
Proposition 1
An amendment seeking to allow municipal and county governments to purchase “buffer land” surrounding military installments.
Statewide: 577,384 In Favor (55.21 percent)
468,390 Against (44.78 percent)
Caldwell County: 951 In Favor (53.39 percent)
830 Against (46.60 percent)

Proposition 2
This amendment will allow the Legislature to allow for ad valorem taxation of a residence as a homestead, based strictly on the property’s value as a home, and not on the property’s potential value under another use.
Statewide: 719,135 In Favor (68.23 percent)
334,706 Against (31.76 percent)
Caldwell County: 1,192 In Favor (66.40 percent)
603 Against (33.59 percent)

Proposition 3
Proposition 3 sets out uniform standards and procedures for appraisal districts, and strengthen government oversight of appraisal districts statewide.
Statewide: 688,267 In Favor (65.56 percent)
631,442 Against (34.43 percent)
Caldwell County: 1,130 In Favor (63.12 percent)
660 Against (36.87 percent)

Proposition 4
With this amendment, the legislature seeks to create a fund to help state-funded universities perform research and development projects.
Statewide: 591,183 In Favor (56.73 percent)
450,819 Against (43.26 percent)
Caldwell County: 866 In Favor (48.62 percent)
915 Against (51.37 percent)

Proposition 5
Again focusing on appraisal districts, Proposition 5, will allow adjoining appraisal districts to merge appraisal review boards, if they so choose.
Statewide:628,623 In Favor (61.85 percent)
387,728 Against (38.14 percent)
Caldwell County: 960 In Favor (55.14 percent)
781 Against (44.85 percent)

Proposition 6
This amendment will increase the ability of the Veteran’s Land Board to issue general obligation bonds.
Statewide: 668,944 In Favor (65.70 percent)
349,093 Against (34.29 percent)
Caldwell County: 1,195 In Favor (68.20 percent)
557 Against (31.79 percent)

Proposition 7
Passage of Proposition 7 allows for members of the Texas State Guard to hold other paid civil offices, as well.
Statewide: 761,280 In Favor (73.09 percent)
280,272 Against (26.90 percent)
Caldwell County: 1,248 In Favor (72.13 percent)
496 Against (27.86 percent)

Proposition 8
Proposition 8 grants the State of Texas the authority to partner with the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide medical care for Texas veterans.
Statewide: 785,775 In Favor (74.83 percent)
264,250 Against (25.16 percent)
Caldwell County: 1,372 In Favor (76.39 percent)
424 Against (23.60 percent)

Proposition 9
Proposition 9, will help clarify the public’s right to use the beaches and waterways in the Coastal Bend.
Statewide: 801,408 In Favor (76.93 percent)
264,250 Against (25.16 percent)
Caldwell County: 1,383 In Favor (77.39 percent)
404 Against (22.60 percent)

Proposition 10
Proposition 10 will place a limit on the terms of service for members of Emergency Service Districts’ boards of directors.
Statewide: 755,321 In Favor (73.09 percent)
278,062 Against (26.90 percent)
Caldwell County: 1,329 In Favor (75.64 percent)
428 Against (24.35 percent)

Proposition 11
Proposition 11 will set limits on the government’s ability to seize property through eminent domain.
Statewide: 844,444 In Favor (81.02 percent)
197,713 Against (18.97 percent)
Caldwell County: 1,502 In Favor (83.58 percent)
295 Against (16.41 percent)
Secretary Andrade’s office called these results “unofficial” as of Wednesday morning. However, it is expected the results of the election will be confirmed within days.


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