An optimist chooses to see life differently


By William F. Holland Jr.

DD., C.ED.D.

The older we are, the more we can see how the world has changed. The Bible reveals the human race fell from God’s favor when Adam and Eve decided to disobey God in the Garden. Since that separation curse, all humans are now born with a depraved nature. Our spirits and minds can be transformed through God’s power, but this does not mean the optimist ignores reality or has blind faith.

So how can we regain a positive attitude and discover restored spiritual security with our Creator? For those who are truth seekers, God’s word explains the problem of sin, and also reveals the solution is found in Jesus Christ who is the way, the truth, and the life.

Whatever your political and theological views, we can agree there is much concern about what is happening around the world and where we are headed as a civilization. We have the Middle-East conflicts that often include Israel, an upcoming presidential election in the fall, and the Christian community predicting the coming of Christ will be soon, just to name a few.

A troubling aspect of many people’s disagreements is how they base their opinions on what someone else has told them instead of researching for themselves. Since God knows everything, the best solutions for every problem is to listen to Him, but rarely is this mentioned or sought after.

Amid our worries about the cultural moral decline, advancing artificial intelligence, and our family’s future, everything is not all gloom and doom. God is moving and miracles are being seen all around us. Like you, I read the editorial sections and watch the news, and mostly what I gather is someone repeating over and over how bad everything is. However, we do not need to be bombarded with negativity about how the world is falling apart at the seams.

We need to hear that God created all things, and is in total control of everything! We have the choice to jump on the bandwagon of fear, or we can decide to be an agent of change and make a positive difference.

Isn’t it refreshing to know that all is not lost and we can shine for God as bright as we desire? Perspective is a keyword to consider because it allows us to discern and think carefully about what has been said. When someone relays a story, we should remember they are relaying a view of what they believe.

For example, when we hear that no one can be trusted in our government and how society is evolving into a majority of mindless zombies, we should realize this is a “glass half empty” view. In reality, many kindhearted and loving individuals are demonstrating what Christ died for them to be. This is not the hour to give up and hang our harps on the willow trees. It’s a day to examine our hearts and choose to obey and fulfill our calling because we love God.

Each day we maneuver our way through the daily grind while trying to maintain our sanity at the same time. Nonetheless, let us be reminded that if we are going to be an information sponge, we should be careful how we interpret what we absorb. Yes, the masses have serious problems, but we should not burn down the forest just to get rid of poison ivy.

Everyone is not evil or a dangerous liberal, and neither is every member of the modern generation brainwashed with humanism. No matter what the majority deems politically correct, as Christians we are to be helping build God’s Kingdom with love. This includes praying for those who have yet to meet God. There is a huge difference between spectators who do a lot of complaining and participators who spend their time and energy trying to accomplish God’s will.

May we examine our convictions carefully and be willing to accept and follow God’s truth that sets us free from sin and gives us peace and joy. Be encouraged, the darkness of discouragement will never overcome the eternal light of God’s compassion and mercy. Instead of pointing out all the people who do not care, we could start identifying and appreciating those who do. What will you decide?

May we scrutinize our convictions and intentions and be willing to listen and embrace the Alpha and Omega who is, who was, and who is to come.

Dr. Holland lives in Central Kentucky with his wife Cheryl, where he is a Christian author, ordained minister, worship leader, and community chaplain. To read more visit:


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