We are never lost in the arms of Christ


He was all smiles at the breakfast table, little Timmy Graham was, as he sat there beaming the anticipation of his big day to the assembled family.

For today was the day he was riding with his Dad to the Sears store to retrieve an ordered part. And if he behaved well enough and listened to what he was told, a visit to the toy department. His Grammy told him what a big boy he was and assured him of a great adventure. His Mom reminded him to stay close to his father and keep hold of his hand. His older brother teased him by telling him of a kid he knew of that got lost in the toy department, forgotten, never to be heard from again. And his Dad? His Dad didn’t say much, at least not with his voice. It was his physical presence that spoke volumes into Little Timmy.

A big man with strong hands and a tender heart, he exemplified devotion and love, to his Savior, to his Wife, to his children. And it brought a peace into the home that rested upon the family. After breakfast they left. On the way, his Dad reminded him to stay close by his side and not stray off. He did exactly as he was told. And once Dad had the part, it was off to the toys.

Standing in the aisle with his mouth slightly agape, he was nearly overwhelmed by all the shining plastic. Where to start? He thought to himself. Looking over to his dad, his was told, “I’m right here, go ahead.”

Instantly turning back to the task at hand, he got busy making car noises while pushing a Hot Wheels dragster. While watching him play, his dad stepped back, allowing room for others to pass them on the aisle. With his head down and his full attention on his play, Little Timmy didn’t see his dad take a step back.

So, when he looked up to show his dad a cool car and didn’t see him by his side he panicked. Looking back and forth, but not up, his little mind was flooded with his brother’s voice, teasing cruelly. I could be lost and forgotten, he told himself, as the tears swelled up in his eyes. Seeing his son’s fear, the Dad speaks reassurance by softly saying “Son.”

But dread is growing within the boy, and it muffles his Dad’s voice. Once more the dad speaks “Son.” But the boy can’t see his dad, as other kids, busy playing push against him. In a loud cry the boy calls “Daddy where are you?” Speaking his name now, “Timmy,” the dad reaches down and touching his son’s shoulder. Wiping away the tears of fear, the little boy looks up and whispers, “I don’t like being lost.” Bending down, then lifting his son up and holding him close, the dad whispers, “You may have lost me, I didn’t lose you. I am here.”

“You won’t forget me?” Little Timmy softly whimpers.

“No son. You are mine. I won’t forget you.”

Those words spoken so long ago to me as a child have become a real anchor of peace as I’ve endured the storms of life. And though it was my earthly father speaking them, it comes straight from the heart of my Heavenly Father. All throughout the Holy Scriptures, God’s love and His promise’s of watchful care are revealed. In my own life I have discovered that moments of feeling lost can come quickly. One second on top of the toy aisle, the next pushed to a place I can’t see my Heavenly Father face, wedged between plastic junk and others play. Like: When my mother was diagnosed with dementia, I felt lost. When my best friend of many years died suddenly, I felt lost.

As I was fighting through addiction, brought on by my migraines, I felt lost. When I had my heart attack and needed a triple bypass, I felt lost. Yet in every circumstance, every time, there was a moment of clarity. A moment when I knew the hand that was upon me and I could hear in my spirit My Heavenly Father call to me. And in those special times it is very much to me like Jesus picks me up and pulls me close to His side. Fear of being lost and forgotten melts away in the light of His Love. And my joy is restored. His peace manifests within me.

It is so easy to become lost in this world. Since our fall, the human species has fought to find its way. To those who are lost and feel forgotten there is a place of safety. It is found under the protection of God Almighty in the arms of Jesus Christ.


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