Ballot amendments explained


Upcoming elections for Caldwell County voters include two proposed constitutional amendments.

The May 7 election will also include the Luling School District, Luling City Council, and the Hays (County) Consolidated Independent School District Bond issue for people who live in Caldwell County but whose kids attend Hays County schools.

Proposition Number  1 (SJR 2) is a constitutional amendment authorizing the legislature to provide for the reduction of the amount of a limitation on the total amount of ad valorem taxes that may be imposed for general elementary and secondary public school purposes on the residence homestead of a person who is elderly or disabled to reflect and statutory reduction from the preceding tax year in the maximum compressed rate of the maintenance and operations taxes imposed for the purposes on the homestead from the preceding tax year.

“Essentially, Proposition 1 will compress the tax rate for school maintenance and operations for those homeowners with a 65+ or disabled exemption, just as HB 3 did for other homeowners back in 2019,” said Andrea Fisher, Communications Director for Senator Lois Kolkhorst. “Tax rates for school taxes are going down because of the passage of HB 3. This constitutional amendment will help seniors receive the same benefit.”

Lola Fender, Legislative and General Counsel for State Senator Charles Schwertner, said “If an individual has an over 65/disable exemption on their home and this proposition passes, they will receive a reduction on school property taxes. HB 3 from the 86th Legislature compressed school maintenance and operation tax rates across the board except for over 65/disabled because their rate was already lower than the new compressed rate for everyone else.”

Proposition Number 2 (SJR 2) proposes a constitutional amendment increasing the amount of the residence homestead exemption from ad valorem taxation for public school purposes from $25,000 to $40,000. The proposed amendment will appear on the ballot as follows: “The constitutional amendment increasing the amount of the residence homestead from ad valorem taxation for public school purposes from $25,000 to $40,000.”

“If this amendment passes the state homestead exemption for school district taxable value purposes will increase from $25,000 to $40,000,” Fender said. “On average the 5.67 million family homesteads in Texas will see a $175 reduction in their school district tax bill. This amendment will be effective as of Jan. 2, 2022, if it passes, so homeowners will see the reduction when they receive their property tax bill this fall.”

The City of Luling City Council, Ward 5 position will have John Wells and Megan Cox-Pettis on the ballot.

Luling Independent School District School Board Election involves four people, but voters can cast three votes, either all for one or for different individuals. Those running for the board include Jeff Ferry, Perla Castro, Harold Hoffmeister, and Jason Rios.

Hays Consolidated Independent School District Proposition A is “The issuance of $115,649,800 school building bonds for the design, construction, acquisition, rehabilitation, renovation, expansion, improvement and equipment of school buildings in the district and the purchase of new school buses, and levying and imposition of taxes sufficient to pay the principal of the interests on the bonds and the cost of any credit agreements. Required statement for all school district bond propositions pursuant to section 46.008, Texas Education Code: This is a property tax increase.

Hays Consolidated Independent School District Trustee Election is: “Hays Consolidated Independent School District Trustee Election for candidate Esmeralda Perez-Gonzalez.

May 24 will be the Primary run-off elections, all state positions, four involving Democrats (Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Comptroller of Public Accounts, and Commissioner of the General Land Office), and five Republicans (Attorney General, Commissioner of the General Land Office, Railroad Commissioner, State Representative District 17, and District Judge 207th Judicial District).

Voting Locations for May 7 and May 24 elections:

First Baptist Church Connection Center in Lockhart for Precincts 100, 101, 103, 108, 111.

VFW Post 8927 in Lockhart for Precincts 102, 104.

Luling Civic Center for Precincts 201, 202, 203, 206.

McMahan Women’s Center for Precincts 204, 205.

Three Rivers Community Church in Martindale for Precincts 300, 301, 302, 305.

Uhland Community Center for Precinct 303.

Lytton Springs Baptist Church in Dale for Precincts 306, 400, 404, 405.

St. Mark’s Methodist Church in Lockhart for Precincts 401, 402.

If you do not know your precinct, call 512-668-4347.


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