Being by Granny’s side was safe from life’s storms


Thank you Jesus for the storm, by your side I’m safe and warm. Rest and peace I find in you, abiding Spirit see me through. Amen

And as he said amen, he slid closer to granny’s side. The beat of her heart, the surety of her breath, brought a calm that eased his little mind. Slowly the light was dimming on his thoughts as he drifted into the realm of surrender. Happily, he journeyed there, looking back for only a second at the earlier events… that began…

With a clap of nature he was shaken awake from his firmly entrenched slumber. Quickly sitting up with aaaah coming from his mouth. Surrounded by lingering illusions brought on by flashes of lightning and grumbles of thunder his little heart beat a million beats a second or at least that’s how it felt. He was terrified. But he was only 4-years-old. He jumped strait out of bed, went and shook his older brother with whom he shared a room. Big Brother barely wakes, says, “It’s a storm, peep squeak. Nothing can be done. Get back in your bed!”

“Sleep wiff you? Pwease?”

“No munchkin!”

Turning over, his 14-year-old brother went back to sleep. Softly, he rubbed his eyes, whimpered and went out into the hall. Daddy and Mommy’s room, go to their room. They’re safe, their bed. Me safe, their bed. He stood next to his daddy’s side trying to be noticed but not doing a thing, just rubbing his eyes and whimpering. After a bit he says, “Daddy, storm. Daddy Storm!”

His father, between snores, gasps, “What storm?”

Going to mommy’s side whimpering. His mother is so tired she doesn’t take notice of him. Little head held low, he leaves their room, their safety, wondering where to go? In the hall a light he can see, faint, inviting, warm. Granny’s light, granny’s room. Why is she awake? She went to bed before dark. Why is she up in the dark? Is she scared too? I’ll go see granny! Hurrying down the hall, the little man slows as he comes through granny’s door. What is granny doing? She’s not in bed. Who is she talking too? Granny is looking for something. She is on her knees. I’ll go see what she is looking for. I’ll help.

Now at granny’s side as she kneels in prayer, he presses close. Intensely looking to see what granny is doing, he feels an arm, old, frail, yet strong, wrapping him securely against her side.

“Why is my little soldier out of slumber’s bed?” Granny asked with a smile.

“Storm Grammy. Storm!”

“I know sweetie, I know. In fact, I was just here talking with Jesus about it.”

“Tell him, scare me, sound bad, Grammy!”

“I know it scares you little one, but storms remind us how much Jesus loves us, for it’s the only time most folks let Him hold them tight. And Jesus loves holding you tight precious one.”

A giggle escaped his lips as he looked up and said, “Luv you Grammy, luv you.”

“I love you too little soldier. Want to keep granny warm tonight sweetie?”

A fervent head shake up and down confirmed the old saints assessment.

“Ok, let me get up first,” granny said. “Now come on, crawl right here beside me. Sweetie, you want granny to teach you a little prayer to say to Jesus when the storm wakes you up?”

She felt his little head slowly moving up and down as she whispered, “Thank you Jesus for the storm. By your side I’m safe and warm. Rest and peace I find in you, abiding Spirit see me through. Amen”

The simple prayer of a child was given to him by a loving, wise, granny, who knew the key to facing life’s storms was not by just ignoring them, foolishly hoping to sleep through them and their threat. Or by being totally oblivious to the terror they impose on those they are called to protect. Nor being so worn out because we’ve run ourselves ragged that we can’t offer comfort to those in need. Granny knew that the pathway to peace and understanding came from a welcoming acknowledge to her Savior of the test of her faith at hand. In other words, she thanked Jesus for the storm. It refocused her mindset reminding her of all the times Jesus had seen her through, giving her confidence in her walk with him. She had walked with him for many years after accepting His sacrifice on Calvary. And asking Him into her heart, life, everything.

While in today’s world where so many spiritually sleep, spiritually ignore, or are spiritually just too worn out to care, the children of the world wander in darkness. They wander looking for a light… Isaiah 9:2 says, “The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of shadow of death, a light has dawned. That light is Jesus Christ, our safety in the storm.”


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