Bertram, Banks win council seats 


By LPR Staff

Problems with his approval rating appear to be in the past for Lockhart Mayor James “Jimmy” Bertram.
Bertram, who faced two challengers in Saturday’s election, earned nearly 70 percent of the voters’ support and will return to office for another term.
In the last mayoral election, 1,339 voters went to the p

olls to decide the mayoral race, while this year, only 969 voted, marking a 27.6 percent decrease in voter interest. Of those voters 668 chose to send Bertram back to the dais, while challengers Fred Wiegand and Deward Cummings, II, earned 188 (19.4 percent) and 113 (11.7 percent) of the vote respectively.
Richard Banks and Donna McClary squared off in District 4 for the seat that will be vacated next week by incumbent Michael Sanders. Banks earned 148 of the 231 votes cast (64.1 percent), while McClary supporters numbered 83.
Banks and Bertram will be sworn into office on Tuesday, after the sitting council officially canvasses the voting results.
District 3 incumbent Lew White earned 397 votes, but will not be present for Tuesday’s meeting. He will renew his oath of office at a later time.


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